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The introvert goes out

I’ve never been the most confident person and that was shoved off as ‘shy’ until it was noticed that I had anxiety and was an introvert.
For that reason, and many others, that’s why 7 months into being 18, I still hadn’t gone out. Friday was my first time. I mean, I’ve been to spoons and to bars (Farborje, Walkabout) and stayed until around midnight each time, but never to a full on club (and I technically still haven’t, I guess).


Myself and my friend Tolia at her 18th (at a bar in Watford)

My friends took their time to turn 18; Louise and Saskia both turned 18 not long before me but it was then a waiting game, from November, until Adelaide turned 18 at the very end of February, and what would have been the point in going out without them? I wouldn’t have felt comfortable, and I don’t drink so it would have been pointless.



Living up life with my slushie in a cocktail glass to look fancy

Me and my friends found a cute themed event at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, a 9pm-3am club/party event with cocktails, dancing, all you could want.
The Harry Potter 20th anniversary fell conveniently at the end of exam period, meaning my friends wanted to go out, and Harry Potter appealed to me. Though I didn’t get to try the Harry Potter cocktails or butterbeer (there was only an alcoholic option), it was still super themed and an amazing night regardless! We even made friends with a girl called Phillippa who called us ‘friendship goals’ and said she wanted to be a part of our group, so danced to Beyoncé with us and got us to build her courage to chat to a guy she fell for.


My (drunk) beauties xxx

I’ve always been scared of going out, and maybe it’s not something I’ll be constantly dying to do, but I’ve realised that partying until 3am is actually very enjoyable and a lot of people my age do it for a reason.
I admit, tonight I’d rather sit in bed and read after a nice warm bath, but I’ll be buzzing to go out next time someone asks me and hopefully won’t make excuses for once. I can do it and I can enjoy it.
This is sort of a personal anecdote but there is a message to take away from it; it doesn’t hurt to give it a go. I’ve held back from anxiety but the fear of missing out had made me feel worse when I’ve sat doing nothing, plus the anxiety’s stayed, whereas if you go, you’ll know. Leaving is an option if you don’t like it (and please do if it’s not sensible for you or your wellbeing!) but I totally encourage you to try going out when you’re of age (though be safe with your drink or like meeee simply suffer from brain-freeze rather than being drunk because you drink your non-alcoholic slushie too fast!)

Love always, Lauren xxx

1 thought on “The introvert goes out”

  1. Well Done for being able to go out, I understand the stuggles myself and know how much it must mean to you to accomplish something so big that seems like something so small to others💞 also, you looked amazing and glad you enjoyed yourself, it goes to show we don’t need alcohol to have fun x


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