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A pawprint shaped hole in my heart

Today, a hole has been left in my heart. No, this is not in reference to my recent visits to hospital regarding my heart, but in reference to the loss of someone very important to me; my beautiful little cousin.

Now, when I say cousin I fear you’ll expect my dear cousin to be a human being, but no, she is a dog. Tasha, Tashington, Tashabear, whatever you’d like to call the black spaniel who’s been in my life for more than half of it, she means a lot to me.

Tasha passed away yesterday morning. She was 16 years old, which for a dog, is impressive, but still, you can’t help but be upset.

Tasha was older than my sister. She’s been my uncle’s for 10+ years and i’ve seen her almost every weekend and looked after her countless times throughout that period.

There’s nothing I can say that can do her justice, but i’m extremely heartbroken about the loss of my cuddliest, fluffy friend.

RIP my beautiful baby 🐶 Words cannot describe how much I’ll miss you. They say dogs are a man’s best friend and it’s true, my loyal pupper of a little cousin 💖 thank you for being a loving, loyal little bundle of cuddles (even having no ability to catch a stick!) for the 10+ years you’ve been in this family, you’ve left a paw print shaped hole in my heart and it won’t be the same without your fluffy existence 🐾

I will miss this beautiful girl immensely and am too emotional to truly say anything else, but I think it’s important to remember her, so have written this tribute.

RIP Tasha, love always, Lauren xxx

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