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Aromatherapy: Scents for sad times (a mini haul)

If you know me personally, you might know that the past few weeks haven’t exactly been amazing. It’s just been one thing after another, and I can’t say that anything has really been good. Anyway, when the first bad thing happened, I didn’t quite realise that would be the case but still, it broke my heart significantly and plummeted me into a state I didn’t appreciate being in.

So, what did I do?

Aside being a wee bit reckless, I turned to the world of smellies for a bit of a lift. Come on, you can’t say that nice smelling candles don’t make things a little bit better, can you? Even if you can, it’s better being miserable and smelling the sweet scent of limes than straight up being miserable.

I truly can say that due to my slightly impulsive buying just after I got paid, I’ve gotten through these past few weeks. Baths and burning wax are my favourite comfort activities and each has given me a little lift.

So, what did I buy?

  • Lush Great Balls of Bicarb gift set
  • Home Inspiration by Yankee Candle Perfect Margarita and Cherry Vanilla wax melts
  • Tesco Lavender and Chamomile Room Spray

My good friend Saskia dragged me out of the house on the first day of my wallowing in self pity and into town, and of course, I popped into Lush. I’ve been a lushie for years, and everyone knows that Lush products make me feel extremely happy and comforted (hence the amount I spent today, too! But that’s a post for another time). Not only that, but the staff never fail to cheer me up, and now I work there, those staff members are my friends. My dear friends and colleagues never fail to put a smile on my face, so I just as much went in for a hug and a bit of validation as well as to spend money. Anyway, eventually I decided to treat myself and get not only one product, but a Great Balls of Bicarb gift set. I, in fact, bought the old version of this gift which many shops don’t sell anymore (my store has both on sale, still), retailing at £22.40, but the new tube retails at £24.95. The old great balls, which I love with all my heart, contains 5 bath bombs: Avobath bath bomb (£3.50), Blackberry bath bomb (£3.50), Honey Bee  bath bomb (£3.50– since discontinued), Dragon’s Egg bath bomb (£3.95) and Sex Bomb bath bomb (£3.75).  This gift set contains the more simple, but very classic Lush bombs. For example, Blackberry has been around from the start! My favourite ballistic from this set has to be Avobath, it’s actually one of my all time favourite bath bombs and scent-ranges! It’s a tough call between that and Honey Bee, however. When Honey Bee was mainline, it was one of my faves but due to the simplicity of it I feel like I really betrayed it. I neglected the beautiful bath bomb, so I’m now even more gutted; Luckily you can still grab it in old great balls sets and the Blooming Beautiful gift (£9.50- also including the Rose Jam Bubbleroon). 

I feel as if it would only be right to give a little shoutout to the contents of the new Great Balls of Bicarb! This, slightly more expensive tube of wonder also contains 5 bath bombs, but these are Dragon’s Egg (as in the old one), Frozen, The Experimenter, Intergalactic, and Twilight. My favourite has to be twilight, with Frozen being a close second behind it, but I adore the Twilight scent family. I also want to add that Intergalactic contains cedarwood oil as well as being full of minty goodness, and that’s wonderful for chronic pain.

Anyway, following on from Lush, I later popped down to Tesco with my mum. This is where I got the other three items.

The first item I picked up was Tesco’s own Lavender and Chamomile room spray (£2). As a chronic insomniac with little relief from even medication, I knew this would not exactly put me to sleep, but as I’ve mentioned before, scents give me a positive and comforting vibe so I knew that the Lavender would make me feel a little more at ease. No kidding though, I feel physically uncomfortable if I can smell Jasmine. It makes my stomach churn and for some reason brings on my anxiety. Anyway, back to the product. This spray is incredible! It’s a water based room spray which is good for someone like me who suffers with asthma and therefore takes ill to aerosols (which is unfortunate considering most people use air freshener), and I’ve mostly been using it at bed time. It’s been a good alternative for my Twilight Body Spray (£20, Lush), which I adore but is a little sweeter and stronger so not the best for nighttime (and I want to save the precious thing for my body- it’s an exclusive, so why waste it?)- it’s a lot calmer and just makes you feel relaxed and soothed.  I would totally recommend this if you have anxiety or insomnia! I can’t say it knocked me out but it’s so comforting.

The last thing I bought was wax melts; I’m a huge candle and wax fan so spend a lot of money on it! I was actually really concerned recently as I’ve just moved to a place you can’t have candles, and thought I would have to get rid of my precious wax melts (which I’m even more attatched to than candles, for some reason), but luckily I ordered a Glade Wax Heater (£5, but usually £12, Wilko) which means I don’t have to part with any melts and can still burn them here! The electric burner was bought on the recommendation of my friend Laura, @moon_made_lushie on instagram. Anyway, what I bought from Tesco was 2x Pack of 6 Wax melts by Home Inspiration by Yankee Candle in Cherry Vanilla and Perfect Margarita. I have to say, I actually love Yankee’s ‘Home inspiration’ range more than their general wax melt range for burning, but even so everything they sell is incredible. My preference at the moment is, however, six packs of wax melts (which look like bars of chocolate)- I’ve also tried Air Wick’s Apple and Cinnamon melts before, from Wilko- they were glorious! I think my favourite melt-set is the Perfect Margarita ones. They’re a sweet lime and go perfect with any Calacas (from the Lush scent family) bath (it’s my favourite ever lush scent). The Cherry Vanilla ones however are gorgeous. They’re so strong but not overwhelmingly so, and it sends you off to a total dreamland!

So, as I said, smelliest aren’t exactly life saving, but hell do they help you feel comforted through a tough time. Aromatherapy has been a go-to for me for years, be it regarding my anxiety, depression, or chronic pain amongst other things, and I really do think it does somewhat help!

Are you like me? What’s your comfort product or scent? Love always, Laur xxx

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