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The 13th Doctor

I was actually planning on writing up a post detailing my opinions on the bookies’ new Doctor’s bets, but what with work and moving house, i’ve been a little too tired and time consumed to sit down and even think before now. What I can say is, before the bets were even announced, I said I wanted it to be one Jodie Whittaker. Once Jodie was released as a bet, I prayed. I am a very happy Whovian right now.

Jodie Whittaker

Jodie is one of the most phenomenal actresses out there; you may have seen her in Broadchurch, Attack on the Block, Black Mirror, St Trinians or even One Day. The nation fell in love with her under the hands of Chris Chibnall, who just happens to be writing Doctor Who next series, too. It is pretty reassuring that Chibnall knows Jodie’s acting style well so will write for her Doctor, rather than trying to push her in a role that won’t bring out her best, but will contrastingly know how to push her in the right ways. Jodie has made an incredible impression on young people in recent years. My friends and I adore her, having appreciated her acting for a few years on a lowkey basis. Here’s to many more years of admiration.

The importance of the thirteenth doctor being a woman

Look, I’m a young girl. I grew up in an age where the only figures girls were expected to look up to were princesses. We all know I love Disney, and the princesses are great but hell could the princes be misogynistic! The females we admired were portrayed as weak without him or this or that. Almost as they were broken (implying all females were) and said storyline was to fix them. I mean, we had Belle- the lonely girl who reads- who I really identified with, but what about superheroes? I love comic books and always have, but my heroes were always men in the marvel universe (because that’s all we had, for years). My female superheroes came from other places. Jac Naylor in Holly City, and much later on Nurses like Cara Martinez, and my teachers were, and still are my heroes. But I was already perceived as odd being a girl who likes comics and Sci if, a girl who goes to comic con, having no sci fi heroes kind of hurt. Girls of the future aren’t going to face that.  Yes, female representation is still significantly low, but having a female doctor is going to make more people who love the show embrace who they are, defy stereotypes and love who they are and what they love more. I can’t wait to see more girls dress up as the Doctor at Halloween or Comic Con, or school dress up day. I felt at such a loss on my school superhero day I dressed up as Doctor Zosia March for half the day and Clara Oswald the other half to present people with strong, female characters rather than turn up as batman or spiderman. Man. Women are great and need to be inspired and supported by strong characters in science fiction. I hope this step forward brings more women into sci fi and this is a move towards a better future.

It’s been a long time coming

It’s been a long time coming. It’s been a viable idea for a significant amount of time. It’s been an idea i’ve strongly been able to get behind for a long time.

A nonsensical argument of a Time Lord’s gender and sex

Look, space has no binary. Hell, planet earth isn’t stuck to binary despite what people may think in their tiny little minds. But do we know a Time Lords binary? Hell no. As evident from Missy (who very much proved the idea that the regeneration of our favourite alien species could change sex or gender*, and most importantly in this case, be a woman), we know nothing about a Time Lord’s gender never mind bodily functions (I’m talking to all of you who for some odd reason believe gender is merely identified by sex). Why am I even talking about it like this? Time Lords are bloody fictional (as much as I hate to think about it). Anyway, actually being fictional means they can do whatever the hell they want. Regardless of your view on the binary, gender, and sex, Time Lords aren’t like us humans so your arguments on the above hold no relevance. If the writers want to regenerate them from a male into a woman, they bloody well can do just that.

*I say sex or gender as, as we know so little, I cannot and do not wish to specify which on presumption.

My point of the above is, people are genuinely upset at the doctor being a woman? That shows a problem with society and with them, not a problem with the show or popular television. It’s quite nice to expose the misogynists for who they are and not have to associate with fans who must have left the TARDIS in the wrong century.

I am personally very, very excited to see Jodie in action and hope that, even if you’re not her biggest fan or aren’t keen on the casting for other reasons, you give her a chance please.
Love always, Lauren xxx

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