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Blogging with style (through the darkest hours)

So, recently I’ve been feeling a little demotivated. Not with ideas , nor writing- more so posting. I’ve found that despite being able to freely write, I can’t spend a substantial amount of time behind a screen and logging on to post has made me feel a bit rubbish.

This applies to everything- all social media, and I’ve more, texting (so if you’ve recently messaged me… apologies).

For some reason, despite it not being a screen, I’ve also struggled to journal (hence having to create a ‘creative hiatus’ page… I haven’t used it since 18th June. Over a month ago)

It’s kinda an issue when I have a validation problem, too- I need validation and company to feel that, but can’t stick around for it. I also need to speak to my friends, and texting can be the only way when my best friends are on holiday currently and the others live miles and miles and miles away! I will happily meet anyone and have the best time, even if I am a little quiet on silently distant and playing on dark humour to get through, but despite my neediness, I can’t cope with messaging right now.

It’s strange and horrible. I don’t like it. I like not being on my phone and that I can be entertained for hours by a sudoku instead, but I don’t like my lack of engagement with the people most important to me. It hurts me but I’m finding using such platforms distressing.

Anyway, back to blogging. You may have noticed I peaked with weekly posts for about and now it’s gone dead over here, hence me writing this. That’s because I have several unfinished posts and lots of uncertain posts too (poetry I’m anxious to post, etc), and due to this, I decided to do something to get me out of this funk… BUY A SPARKLY NOTEBOOK.

How beautiful is that?! And only £2 from tiger*, too!

*Is it flying tiger now? I don’t know. Either way, it’s that funky shop we all love. 

Anyway, you’ll have some quality content again soon (if my previous content can be classed as ‘quality’), right after I start writing in this beautiful book. For some reason, I’m able to type up things from handwritten? It’s not easy, but it’s easier! And that’s about it.

So, keep an eye out. I’ve got a few posts planned…

Is there anything you want to see? Drop me a message on any of my social media platforms, or in the comments with ideas or requests:

Twitter (here)

Instagram (here)

CuriousCat (here)

Oh, and sorry if things are a little slow or irregular for the next few weeks. Whilst it’s bad news for you, it’s due to good news for me; I’ve been promoted to supervisor at work! So I have more shifts and training to do, so it will take me a while to get used to. For sure it’ll be worth it, I just know it’ll be a step up from now so of course, that will be my priority.

Hope you’re all doing well

Love always, Lauren xxx

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