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Lost – A Poem by Lauren Curr

Lost, scared,

Nobody’s there,

All this traumas I cannot share.
Pent up in a room

Too small for my mind

Why do I ache when my heart is just kind?
Surrounded by people

But loneliness prevails

I don’t want to know what the future entails.
I don’t want to know

The future.
The future

Is lonely.
I am lonely,

I am alone.

I am lost

By Lauren Curr

I have a bunch of poems saved in my drafts but am too anxious to share them. I wrote this tonight merely from emotions. Trust me, I know it’s rubbish and not my best work for sure, but it pretty much explains my lack of posting as of recent. I do apologise for that I do, but I hope this poem makes you understand. Yes, it is relevant a to of the time, but recently… significantly so.

I do hope none of you can relate to this but predict, unfortunately, that maybe that is not the case.

Love always, Lauren xxx

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