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Volume IV launch (Gorilla Perfumes)

Today is the day that Lush have launched Volume IV (volume 4) of their Gorilla Perfumes range. To be quote honest, Lush perfumes are truly the only ones I’ve ever been interested (as of becoming more mature- I do admit to buying many of those packs filled with Ted Baker-esque companies sampling 10ml bottles in the Boxing Day sales), first of all because of the assured ethics,  but also due to them not having that overwhelming perfume-alcohol ‘I can’t breathe’ scent as soon as you get near the perfume section. Don’t get me wrong, some people suit mainstream perfume a lot, but personally I prefer that fresh scent gorilla perfumes give you rather than synthetic smell.

So, what’s different?

As lushies will know, a lot of perfumes have been discontinued and a vast amount moved to the ‘black label’ range available in six stores, notably Lush Oxford Street, the flagship store, and Lush Spa Poole, the place where it all started.

The perfumes have also been rebranded packaging wise, with the above mentioned black labels and white labels; the range which all stores will have. Solids are also in cute little glass containers which I find I get on with much better, if I’m honest. They firstly look so much better, but are much easier to use and carry too. Plus, from the point of view of an employee, hopefully people will stop comparing them to lip balms now…

Washcards are now offered on a wider scale. Washcards have always been an exclusive to Oxford Street, and came as an almost-A4 size sheet, until the ‘kiss me quick’ smaller version of the apple pulp based shower treat was released for Valentine’s Day this year. More info about these ‘washcards’ will be in my Naked House post, but the basic description of a washcard is a plant based shower product which requires no packaging. They look a little like this and at £2 a pop (for something you only need to use 1cm of at a time, too) they’re perfect to try out a scent on your own body. I also think they’re great for travel and cant wait to bring one of mine down to Poole this weekend.

Another great thing about the new range is the new packaging; both ‘gift’ packaging and general packaging. The packaging that comes with all perfumes is a clean looking Gorilla box which, again, adds to the professionalism of the range but for people like me truly feeds our aesthetic. Even better, the gift packaging is beautiful. Colour coded knot-wraps for each perfume mean with the wider range it is easy to put a perfume based gift together. Previously, this wasn’t as easy in lush. For example, the Karma gift (wonderful though it was)  had not only perfume but bath and body products, too. This was a pain for my mother, an avid Karma fan who doesn’t bath and truly did just want a perfume gift. She loves the perfume, she loves the washcards and the knot wraps, so suddenly this gift is easier for someone life her. Plus, it doesn’t totally disregard people who love other aspects of the range too as you can still put together your typical knot-wrap of gifts.

A place where people got to experience these first was the Gorilla event in Edinburgh. Desperate for Amelie Mae and a whiff of the other perfumes, I lived this through Helen who was at the event. If you want to check it out, she has a tonne of photos and more recently showcase photos, too.

A little life hack

Because of the concentration and natural base of these perfumes, they’re great for adding to things. My first spray of Amelie Mae was on my tea towel of Amy Winehouse, because just returned from work, I smelt of lush already and planned to bath, but after wearing it now for a week straight, I tried what a lovely lady at Oxford Street suggested; adding it to your conditioner. As a usual American Cream fan, I decided not to mix the two, but I added a few drops to Veganese and it scented the conditioner well. Hours later, as I’m tapping away, raspberry lavender and roses lingers in my hair. What a beautiful idea.

The Perfumes themselves

These perfumes were designed around the concept of ‘home’ and te question ‘what does homemean to you’?





‘Whether you’re a wanderer or a nest builder’


I have added a * to those I own myself, pre-launch. I must add that I own all the washcards but are yet to use any from Vol. 4.






“I’ve ever been a homeless man. I’ve only ever been a rentless man.”


Tachowa Covington also known as Rollerball, is the inspiration for the perfume rentless. He too residence in an empty water tank and made the tank his own, homeley and as he himself referred to it, a work of art. The above quote is what truly resonates about this story. It comments on perspectives, and Tachowa had a truly wonderful perspective on his living situation. Unfortunately he had to move out when Banksy tagged his tank with ‘this looks a bit like an elephant’ and suddenly his home became a tourist attraction, but his story, therefore, is now much more widespread. Despite moving into somewhere less improvised, Tachowa still works on making his living space more homeley like he did in the tank.

Rentless perfume is packed with patchouli and grapefruit oil, and sweetened a little with Vanilla absolute. It’s a sweet and citrusy uplifting scent and feels extremely homely to me.

Amelie Mae*

After Imogen Rose had a scent made for her, Simon’s younger daughter wanted a perfume named after her.

Dancing on tiptoes, Amelie Mae selects each petal carefully, letting them fall around her in the gentle breeze. Light on her feet, fancy free. Bumblebees scatter from the lavender, and she plucks juicy raspberries from the canes. Her sister passes her a rose, letting the scent skip between them.

Amelie wrote on a small piece of paper ‘raspberry; blueberry; roses; lavender; flowers’. Despite only being made up of Rose, lavender and ylang ylang , you intensely still smell raspberry hints.

I’m Home





It will ‘always bring you right back home to your honey’


In my opinion this smells of freshly baked cookies. It is such a winter scent and brings a certain comfort with it. The two main ingredients in I’m Home are cocoa and vanilla absolute, so you can imagine how sweet this scent will be. I do promise though, it’s actually not too overwhelming.

What Would Love Do?





The course of true love never did run smooth


This embraces you in a warm hug of citrusy sweet flowers, like love. With tangerine and lavender oil, this scent is calming and beautifully uplifting all at once. I guess it’s how love makes you feel

Cardamom Coffee*

‘The perfume of autumn rises from the ground

This perfume makes you feel like you’re sitting under a tree amongst the autumn leaves with a cuppa in hand and the spices with transition you away from summer. It’s packed with cocoa, cardamom and rose oil for a comforting scent.

The running order

How could I proceed without ranking them? I hate to have to choose but I do have my favourites

  1. Joint first place has to go to Cardamom Coffee and Amelie Mae
  2. Rentless 
  3. What would love do?
  4. I’m home

As you can see I’m more of a citrusy person, but I think for autumn I may have to switch into I’m Home mode.

I’m so excited for everyone to be able to try these scents as they truly are beautiful band none alike to old Lush scents. I hope this guide and few stories helps you decide your most wanted and you can smell the inspiration.

Thank you 

Lauren x

1 thought on “Volume IV launch (Gorilla Perfumes)”

  1. I must live under a rock because I had no idea that Lush did purfumes – I adore the smell of Lush every single time I walk in so I am really interest to have a smell of these! Plus, they don’t test on animals and I love that x

    Claire |


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