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Lush Creative Showcase 2017

September. For most people it’s the end of summer, they’re still living in the sunshine age. For Lushies, it’s Christmas. Not only is it Christmas, but it’s Halloween too, it’s every seasonal thing you’ve been sighing for come-early.

Though this is mostly highly anticipated through the knowledge that Lush will bring out their Christmas products at the end of the month, a lucky few will have been counting down to the end of summer so they can experience no less than the Lush Creative showcase (I say few… it’s actually a rather large event).

This year, Christmas came early on September the 4th and 5th. Oxford Street already have the Christmas range up in collaboration with the showcase. This year it was bigger than ever.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work at the showcase; both in the Naked House a week prior, and doing ‘Bath Art’ at the showcase itself. Unfortunately I never was able to utilise the latter opportunity as I did end up in hospital, which is a huge shame, but I really enjoyed my time working at ‘The Naked House’ on the second day of opening so this post will be significantly heavy on this exhibition.

The Showcase

Though I wasn’t there myself, I managed to live it a little through three of my friends (links here, here and here to their popular Instagrams) and my good friend Steve brought me back some amazing patches, too. I also managed to get a tweet about it everywhere

It ended up in twitter moments, in the daily mirror and the daily mail. Crazy, right?

Anyway, if you hadn’t guessed from this tweet, Jeremy Corbyn was at the showcase on Monday and made his own bath bomb! As a strong supporter of both Lush and the Labour Party this excited me a lot.

The creative showcase this year was full of lots of fun things like a giant slide and jellies to play with, and the launch of new naked shower gels and much more, sliding us into a greener future. It also revealed Christmas to us and happy lushies were able to buy new and old christmas and Halloween products.

The Naked House

I was lucky enough to work at ‘The Naked House’ gallery on the second day of it’s opening.

Yep, the wall of bottle tops? I, along with three others, made that.

The Naked House was truly eye opening. As a art gallery-come-museum with the purpose of raising awareness and helping people transition into an environmentally friendly lifestyle, it did everything from wow you to open your eyes to truths you once may have ignored.

I’ve always been environmentally cautious and passionate about ensuring we look after our world, heck if you look back I was an ‘eco comittee’ representative throughout my school days, so working here really enthused me to do such again. Expect more eco-based content on here in the future.

The house was based on five floors:

  • A history of packaging
  • Art with plastic
  • Innovative boutique
  • Utopian sustainable home
  • The Ocean Room

These were not their exact names, simply phrases to sum them up.

Floor One: A history of packaging

 This floor took you back wonderfully; from ancient times, the sixties and today, the exhibit explained the invention of plastic its prior use of tin, to those containers we now refer to as ‘eco packaging’.

This information was painted over the walls along with posters showcasing facts about packaging;

  • “Packaging is the main source of plastic waste arising accounting for approximately 2.2 million tonnes (59%).”
  • “Of the total energy used in food production; 50% is used in food production; 10% is used on transport to shops; 10% is used to make packaging; 30% is used by shoppers driving to the shops, storing and cooking food.””
  • “The average person uses 425 plastic bags per year.”

In the centre of this room, Lush were showcasing their new sustainable innovations. This included bath bomb and bath melt boxes made from recycled coffee cups (hey, the amount of coffee I drink means I’m doing my bit!), cork storage for shampoo bars (sustainably made) and Wash cards (a small piece of ‘card’ made from apple pulp you can use as a Naked form of shower gel).

Fun fact: You can tell if a cork or product made from cork is sustainable easily; non-sustainable production of the material shows when you can not see a straight line in the pattern of the material. A straight line means one piece of cork has been used (sustainable) and when you cannot see this many pieces have been used and unethically glued back together! The trouble with this is using one piece of cork takes much longer to produce an item than several tiny bits and is also much more expensive so many companies are lazy and exploit the unethical route.

Art with plastic

This exhibition was made of of works from 4 artists;

They individually created photography, sculptures and collections from items such as doll heads and pencil sharpeners found in the ocean.

Unfortunately we did not have access top all of their art du to other exhibitions happening at the same time but what they did was amazingly creative ad eye opening; you can view their work via the links above.

Innovations boutique

Though set up like a luxury shop, customers were not able to actually buy anything. Some products there were only two of in the world. I was actually the eighth person to ever see one of the products, behind only the constantines.  Along with Lush’s knot wraps, which have been around for a fair while, the boutique was showcasing a range of naked products. Before the howcase, Lush already offered 60% products naked, and are looking to up this figure over time.

Solid Liquid Naked Soaps

Whoa, that’s a mouthful. Solid Liquid, huh? Confusing, isn’t it?

Most people buy liquid soap for their overwhelmingly antibacterial qualities and essential oils you can’t find in your average high street block soap. This. is primarily due to the base and despite using a palm-oil free base for their soap, Lush hadn’t cracked it for your average soap, either. Now they have. Made the same as your typical liquid soap in recyclable moulds, a solidifying ingredient (sodium sterate) is added at the last minute. to make these liquid soaps ‘solid’ . As you lather it on, though, it feels just like liquid soap.

Naked shower gels and haircare 

Once made from recyclable shower gel bottle shaped moulds and now silicone moulds, the naked shower gels follow the same idea as the Solid Liquid Naked Soaps. It is a shower gel with added sodium sterate at the last minute; same formula as Rose Jam bottled sg would be the naked. Smells the same, works the same with its gel-like quality giving you two lathers (in which the gel turns into a gel your hands and then lathers as any other gel would), this is merely a gel without packaging, and is certainly not a soap.

Naked facial oils

Not dissimilar to your already naked  full of grace serum‘, this includes products including full of grace itself and the new Amazon Primer. This range also features Million dollar moisturiser, a recently discontinued potted moisturiser, but in a naked form.

Naked essential oils

Finally! Lush are launching essential oils! It’s been a long time coming. Many Lush fans tend to be obsessed with wax melts and candles too, and ad primary use for these oils is the ability to melt them down over a oil burner.  They can also be used as massage bars and melted down for other oil uses.

The Naked essential oils, also in the punny bottle shape, come in two forms; pure and blended. Pure oils that have so far been revealed are Ylang Ylang, Gernium and French Lavender, and the blended oils revealed have been called Open Your Third Eye, Pride and Anger Management. Anger Management, for example, has black pepper to signify the rage but is primarily lavender and chamomile based to combat this one of the seven deadly sins the oil was based on.

The Utopian Sustainable apartment

This ‘apartment’ (the uppermost floor of the Naked House) was a room of totally sustainable items. It is an idealistic place on how we’d live in a sustainable world. Some products amongst it were lush, such as naked shower products, but all else had tags so customers could view such products online and consider creating a sustainable lifestyle.

Here are some pictures of this dreamhouse:

The Ocean Room

The ocean room was on the lower ground floor, but reccomended last. The room, scented of big blue, was spotted with comfy cushions and it’s spa-like feel chilled you out beyond belief. It made you feel the serenity the seaside gives us and transports you to the waves. Meanwhile, however, you were shot with facts about how our wastage is impacting the oceans and how you can change that. The way it was set up was extremely eye opening and really got people thinking.

So, that’s it for my showcase experience but I have had the chance to try some of the Christmas stuff and pop down to Oxford St…. more about that soon. Love, Lauren xxx

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