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Everything changes- moving forward

“What I thought was so permanent fades…”


Today marks the first day of the week my dear friends will have officially moved into their university towns. I’m over the moon for them, honestly, but I guess it marks the end of an era and is forcing me to accept we’re all moving on.

It was time, this weekend, for Chloe to move in to her university accommodation; img_7332Adelaide moved in last week, but until they were both gone, I couldn’t accept it.

Before I continue, I just have to say, i’m not excluding Louise… but as she’s doing London based training, and primarily because I’ve forced her to come and work with me part time, I couldn’t as such refer to her as having moved away. It’s hit me that I won’t see her every day, too, and that’s she’s doing other things now, but I am grateful to get to see her a little more than the others.

img_7338Seven years. Seeing people almost every day for seven years has strange withdrawal symptoms. I need to keep remembering something Chloe told me; We probably will see and appreciate each other more now anyway.

See– We barely shared lessons. Appreciate- In school it was easy to get aggitated, stressed or just constantly be tired. At uni, knowing we’ll only have that short period of time and knowing we won’t be able to just see each other tomorrow again may concentrate our friendship.

I think it’s just hard knowing they’re not around the corner anymore. I can’t ring them up and beg for company when I get a little lonely, or pop round for nourishment of the soul in the event of potential breakdown, or let’s be real, even phone them spontaneously now because uni students go out a lot and have a lot of work so things will need to be more planned. The only good thing is, thank god I live in this generation, because FaceTime exists and what would I do in this situation without?

I am eternally grateful for those I still have arounf- those on a gap year and my work people- but my girls… My girls are growing up and I don’t know what to do about it. My girls are moving on. We’ve gotta get the gang back together.

Despite this moving on, I know they’ll always be by my side, even if they are 100+ miles away, but I miss them tonnes and those last hugs were hard.

I love them so, so much.

Seven years is a long time, and I hope that seven years on we’ll still have our little group.

Love always, Lauren xxx




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