A little rebrand (top tips for bloggers – on the aesthetic) // HAPPY 100TH POST!

A little while ago, you may have notice I somewhat changed the layout of my blog. I thought my blog needed a little bit of a rebrand, seeing as I’d had the exact same layout for two whole years. Two whole years. I started blogging when I was 16, so now I’m almost 19, you’d expect me to have changed a lot, and I have.

My old layout did somewhat catch the essence of my blog, but it was also very child-like and playful, and it felt more personal than lifestyle (and a crazy range of things posted on here…), so I wanted to make it look more like my blog.

This is how the change looked:

A tip to bloggers

This little change automatically gave me more traffic, made more ‘visitors’ become followers and blogless readers send external feedback (email, twitter, Instagram DM, etc…). This was not the reason I changed my theme, it was so I was more happy with my blog, but I thought mentioning this would be a handy tip for other bloggers looking for a revamp, with blogs new or old. Regardless, it is so important to remember to feel comfortable and happy with your own blog. I wouldn’t change my theme to something I don’t love.

I also found this helped me as a blogger. Whether due to tiredness, depression or external factors, it can be easily to lose motivation or energy to blog even if you really want to write. I found that this change gave me motivation and more goal-orientated, especially in times where life was harder.  I had to keep it up for the blog and this new aesthetic has motivated me.


The sign off

For 2 1/2 years, I have been signing off with the words ‘Love always, Lauren xxx’ written simply in the same font as everything else posted in the blog. After inspiration from many other bloggers and their aesthetics, I have decided to change that! Earlier this week I downloaded one of many sketch apps and designed my own sign off…

I tried to write my name in a similar style to my favourite font (who could’ve guessed it’d be Lush?!) and put three (being my lucky number) orange hearts at the end. The orange sort of represents me in many ways, mostly centred around autumn; autumn is my favourite season, I was born in autumn, I love PSLs more than life itself, and also totally separate from all this, I have ginger hair.

I feel this sign off, or dare I say logo, is very representative of me and adds to the aesthetic drastically. I hope you guys feel so too!

Hand drawn

When using this app, I also decided to hand-draw some more things to add to my blog. Here is a sneak peak of one thing… star ratings to add to any reviews. In a test post (the next to come) I found this worked so well and made things look and feel a lot better.

Social media

Though I do have a specific tab for social media (see the menu at the beginning of my page and on the web my Instagram is along the side), as my presence on Instagram and twitter is high, I have decided to add links to my social media at the end of every post (it will usually be small, but noticeable for anyone who wants to give me a follow or drop me a message)

I am soon to add other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Bloglovin too!

These magic buttons will take you to my pages with just a simple click on the image!

As you can see, I the little ‘follow me on’ logo was drawn by hand… I’m happy enough with it at the moment but will be working on a better one in the near future.

So, these are the main changes that have taken place on my blog recently, and though there are not many, I have found they make a huge different. They make things look a little better and I can safely say I’m a lot happier with my blog.

I do hope you like them and it gets you thinking about your own if you’re new starting out or your blog is more simple and you want to jazz it up.

Also, HAPPY 100TH POST!!! This was unintentionally my 100th, but I guess a note on rebranding and making my blog better for the future is a relevant post!

I appreciate every single one of you reading this and those who have supported me in these past few years, even throughout my gaps and blips…

You’re amazing and I hope you continue to tolerate me (or even better, enjoy my writing, in the future).

Love always,

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