A whole new world (Lush Watford’s grand re-opening 30/09/17)

Written 30/09/17.

Today is the long awaited day. The small positivity radiating shop I am lucky enough to work in has had a grand make over. Our shop was cute enough before, but seeing the new designs of many other re-fitted shops our aesthetic could not compare. Finally, the precious little gem in my life most know as lush Watford (I’m honestly not even being over dramatic) has had a revamp and is open once more.
Due to set foot in there this afternoon , I am extremely excited to se the buzz of faces in awe at this shiny new shop, a totally new hub for lushies to explore. I can’t wait to see the buzz of amused faces passing in the intu centre wondering what the hype is all about. I cannot wait to work and explore the shop myself, and to sell the Halloween products a week early!
So, what’s all the fuss about?

For staff, the promise of a refit caused enough buzz for us to feel desperation and longing for a new shop.

For customers, with a new sink and accessible units, this shop is not only aesthetically pleasing but also something we can utilise to give people a better experience. Also,our shop was already pretty accessible, but we had unnecessarily large tables for our Fresh Face Masks and Soap, so with brand new, slimmer tables, it gives wheelchair users an easier access route which will be generally amazing but also vital at christmas.
Aesthetically… Well if I just show you a few pictures and I assure youyou’ll be blown away.

First, here is a time lapse posted by the one and only LUSHACKER (iconically famous apparently- not that I’m needy but no one ever gives me attention when they realise I’m friends with Jack.)

And now… the beautiful shop!!!

Massage. Photos taken by yours truly



Plus, here’s a sneak peak of the dream team

If you’re local to Watford or in the London area, you should come down to see us…we have a lot of fun activities going on this weekend, and regardless of whether you get involved or not, it’s a beautiful shop. Plus… we have the Halloween products in a week early! Can I entice you with that? Pretty enticing to me.
I hope you have a very Lushie weekend and hope to see some of your faces, but if not, thank you for experiencing our shop visually…

Love always,

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