creative writing

Senses of Autumn

Nutmeg, Pumpkin and cinnamon sticks,

Oranges, apples and grassy scents mix,

The sweet dewey scents of the muddy ground rise,

Trees and strong lattes- a pleasant surprise.
An orange-red layer of leaves on a field,

It’s harvest season, so tools farmers wield

Harvest the grains we all happily consume,

Halloween spooks decorate the room.
Swish, crunch, crack… sharp sounds galore.

As wind blow, the trees wave more and more,

Falling leaves fall softly down,

Then snap and click- oh, leaves’ brittle sounds.
Crumbling dried plants in your hands,

Small pieces of it falling on the soft land.

Damp mud squishing, squelching through

Rubber wellies, warm socks too.
Warm sweet pumpkin pie with fresh cold cream,

In crunchy pastry, or coffee? It seems.

Cinnamon buns and tea with star anise,

Exhaling frosty air after consuming every piece.

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