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The Smile (a poem by Lauren Curr) 

“Is it alright if I sit here?”

A voice deeper than some chirped,

It must’ve where she’s from and

She smiled the night away.

Her make up glowing from her cheeks,

Her facial bones a silver line,

But what was dazzling is eau natural,

It’s her radiant beaming smile.

Lips made up with raspberry-red,

Glitter falling from her head

(Her blue-green eyes are fully made).

But it’s her radiant beaming smile.

It’s her smile, her dear, sweet smile

That makes the journey all worthwhile,

Polite and beautiful- qual’ties set aside

When she has a smile ear-to-ear wide.

This world is filled with much disgrace,

Negativity’s thrown in your face

But it all seems so worthwhile…

Just to see her smile.

I was on the Carlisle-Settle train to Leeds and a particularly lovely lady sat next to me. She had her dog with her, and the three hours we had a lovely chat. It was a busy service, though, and when she got off at Shipton, I was left on a four-seater alone. It was then a particularly rude lady (who had already been rude to me when I tried to move to go to the bathroom) sat next to me, and the rest of the journey felt miserable. I feared to breathe. However, around Kieghley, a girl came and joined the four seater and asked the man opposite if she could sit in the spare seat. Normal, of course, but when I looked up she was beaming. She was beaming larger than I’d ever seen anyone beam, and for no particular reason. After sitting beside this miserable human, just seeing a smile brought me some joy. It was beautiful, and it charged my outlook. I was going to hold onto the memories of the lovely lady and her dog, the positives of my week in Scotland and focus on seeing my friend Polly, rather than let the grumpy lady impact my day. So, I was inspired, and I wrote this purely platonic poem about it. Turns out, I liked it a little, so I’ve decided to share it. 

Love always, 

1 thought on “The Smile (a poem by Lauren Curr) ”

  1. A lovely melodic and lyrical poem that is very musical. The strong sense of observation shines through but the writing works on the level of sonics too. I like it’s rhythms and image-echoes.


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