Lip Wizard – Primark (review)

On Saturday, I popped into my local Primark store en route to work to pick up a few bits for a Halloween dress-up theme we had going on, and whilst picking up a pair of Barb-esque glasses in a low prescription (I have generally very good eyesight but need a pair of reading glasses due to suffering from chronic migraines), I trailed through the make up. It was then that I spotted their Halloween cosmetics range…

It makes me super happy that Primark’s PS is a cruelty free make-up brand, and it is most certainly affordable, so when I fell totally in love with one of the items, how could I not snap it up?

The item I went for was their ‘lip wizard magical metallic’ liquid lipstick:

It’s a metallic darkish purple colour, and looks like this on:

Personally, I am huge into dark lip colours but also need one that won’t wash me out. I remember someone bought a similar purple for me years ago and I fell in love with it, until the company were outed as not being cruelty free; of course, I then did not buy a replacement. This is the first purple I’ve found to match that and go above and beyond.

This colour is beautifully matte, and dries extrememly quickly. It’s also totally non smudging which solves my usual liquid-lipstick-on-teeth (Jefree Star, I’m looking at you) dilemma. It also didn’t give you that horrible ‘crusty on the inside’ feel or come off when you have something to eat or drink. I have found though, that it doesn’t stain, and comes off easily with cleanser (I use Lush’s ‘ultrabland’!)

I would give it a 5* review all in all.

I honestly found no flaws with it, and found it better than most most high end make up’s lipsticks!

As it’s a Halloween-y one, I couldn’t not share it now so you all could grab one before Tuesday!

I hope you love it as much as me; There are many other colours (I will definitely be going back in tomorrow to try them… I’d never tried primark make up before so wanted to hedge my bets a little) and palettes, too, so have don’t pass over the other spooky bits on sale!

Love always,

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