Late October confidence: the Halloween debuts

Over the past few days, I’ve used Halloween almost as an excuse to channel my artistic impulses. Starting off slowly with make up, the next day being in full cosplay, a much more low-key cosplay a day later and continuing with make up thereafter.

As today is Halloween, I have decided to share these looks (and their inspiration) with you!

Let’s get into the spirit, guys.

Look #1, spidey face

I did a typical-face-look with my newly purchased Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette; Eyebrows in shade ‘fudge’ and my eyeshadow, a blend of . My highlight was Lush’s ‘radiant’ eye powder. I also added a little Kiko glitter eyeliner under my eyes.

The extras were done solely with Lush’s ‘independent’ eyeliner (emotional brilliance). I drew a spider web, highlighted with white, and drew the string of web down my nose to create a button nose.

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I look pretty cute with a button nose spider.

It was a pretty simple look but allowed me to get into the Friday Halloween spirit.

Look #2: Zygon Osgood

So, on the Saturday I planned to dress as Belle… but woke up with a swollen face. I somehow managed to have a bad allergic reaction to something (life, probably) the night before and it had not faded by morning time… so I improvised. I dished out some old Osgood cosplay and improvised.

However, one thing I couldn’t find in the 10 mins I had left myself (I need my coffee) to get ready was my Tom Baker/4th Doctor scarf! It’s one of my prized possessions so in a safe place, I know, but I can’t remember what ‘safe place’ I put it in….

Needing a new scarf anyway, I headed to Primark and picked up an.. acceptable Osgood scarf. Anyway, this closet cosplay worked out pretty well 

Zygon make up by Carter Brown. Using Lush EB. 

I also had my inhaler peaking out of my pocket to complete the look (though, not only for cosplay purposes… the allergic reaction meant my asthma was bad so I did need it on me at all times, for breathing’s sake).

I kinda loved this, until it got waaaay too hot in the shop on a busy Saturday! When this was the case I stripped the cosplay down to my uniform and just had a Zygon look about me.

Look #3: Barb

We all love a bit of stranger things… am I right or am I right?*

*Disclaimer: I actually only started it on Saturday. I wish I had a loooong time ago but my first watch was the day before I stepped into Barb mode. I have since been binge watching it and am obsessed. 

Myself and my friend Luke after work
A barb-ish look the night before. This was totally unintentional and led to the barb cosplay

The thing is, this look cropping up was totally unintentional. The day before, my dear friend Hannah saw me debuting the above look and I had a few comments telling me I looked like Barb. Of course, not 100%, but with the glasses and my heavily 80s inspired wardrobe, enough so.

This was what inspired me to watch stranger things and come as Barb the next day. I did a simple make up look, popped on these reading glasses and fished something out of my wardrobe. Voila!

Jumper from Depop. Glasses from Primark. 

Look #4: The Night Sky.

This little look was inspired by three different things:

  • A conversation I had with Immy
  • The spiritual moon/moon faces (and my friend’s tattoo)
  • Lush’s Christmas Eve bubble bar

Here was the result:

Some people liked it… my friend Mia guessed what it was straight away. Heck, Starbucks even gave me the staff discount automatically because it was obvious I worked in the shopping centre. I did have a few looks, but ‘wow!’s from the kids, too.

I, once again, used Lush EB (shade: control) with an eyeliner applique to draw this moon and stars on.

Look #5: An inspired look.

This look was my second of the day yesterday.

On my lunch break, franalibi’s ‘basic drugstore pumpkin look’ popped up on my timeline and I was inspired!

Though she rocks it a lot better than I, I still totally love this look.

I did use my own make up, though, with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and Lush EB.

The final look… 

Today, I will be dressing up as Belle. I’ll be using this dress I debuted at Comic Con in July, and making my face… a little spookier.



Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
Belle and her good friend Bill Potts (Frankie)

I don’t have a picture yet, as admittedly, this post is scheduled, and i’ll be at work when it goes out, but keep up with my instagram to catch it!

What have you dressed up as this year? Has halloween brought a little confidence in dress or make up for you?


Love always,




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