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Happy World Vegan Day

November the 1st, today, is World Vegan Day, and on this day, I declare I am a very happy and a very proud plant-munching earth child. In other words, yes, I am vegan.

Though I have not been vegan for very long (we’re edging on a month) mostly due to health concerns, I am happier than I have ever been and my relationship with food is much better.

This post is not going to be long, nor ‘preachy’, but let me pitch one thing to you: please, please, even for just a day, consider making a few little changes:

  • Have a dairy alternative in your morning coffee; one less milk purchase screams out to the dairy industry and making this one step could make a huge difference to the means of production and inherent abuse in the industry.
  • Try a veggie alternative; veggie or vegan, it will make a difference. I say this because, yes, quorn (frequently made with egg) is generally more accessible than some vegan foods, but of course, purchasing these fuels the free from industry rather than meat. Also, if it is money or accessibility you’re worried about, the more people fuelling free from industries, the more accessible, and cheap, free from produce will get.
  • Shop cruelty free; get your make up from MAC? Consider shopping at Kiko. Body lotion from L’Oreal? Try a Lush lotion. I can assure you, it will change your life as you won’t want to crawl back to the animal-testing industry, but even if you do in the future decide to shop maybelline, that one purchase impacts the industry.
  • Consider our opinions and choices. Please don’t argue. People too frequently will nit pick at veganism for an unknown reason. Just consider us, and if not, over all, respect us. We are humans and causing no harm, so please don’t cause harm to us.

Of course, above all I am an advocate for fully vegan and cruelty free lifestyles, but would love you all to just make one change, even for one day. I understand accessibility; heck, it took me longer to transition due to this fact. I understand it’s maybe even just a daunting concept to people raised as a meat eater, and in a world where we are desensitised to the meat and dairy industry’s abuse, but please… just consider veganism. Be aware. Know harm is the opposite of what we want.

Look at how happy and content I am to be a vegan

I would love to connect with some more vegan bloggers. Drop me a comment or a follow here, or a message me  on twitter  or instagram with your blogs!

You could also drop me an email at storiescanmakeusfly@gmail.com

Below, if you would like more info, I shall link you to some fab sites to gain info on veganism and the many reasons people go vegan, along with some vegan facts:

Environmental: https://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-food/meat-environment/

Abuse (the dairy industry): https://freefromharm.org/dairyfacts/

‘Reasons to go veggie’: https://www.britishmeat.com/49.htm

GAME: meat is murder: http://features.peta.org.uk/meat-is-murder-game/GamePage.html?skiptitle=1&language=en

VIDEO: Factory Farming in 60 secs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2dGvZiHUJ0

Veganism explained: https://www.vegan.com/what/

Thank you so much for reading,

Love always,


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