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Matte lips more of the time (Lipstick Transformer by Hema review)

Hema is one of those shops that doesn’t seem to have a massive media plug, but you are totally attracted to the moment you see it. I discovered Hema one late night post-coach journey (it was closed by this time) in Victoria Plaza. Even though the lights were off, I was automatically drawn to it and thought ‘I’m going to come back here’.

Ever since, I’ve been back many a time, mostly for homeware, stationery or food, but last weekend I decided to delve into their make up section. This totally was not just because I was feeling sorry for myself due to having to drop Jadey off the the coach station moments before…

To give you a little background on Hema, they’re a company from The Netherlands who have a purpose of making everyday life and practicalities more fun! They are totally for a sustainable future so sell many sustainable products, and are cruelty free. They are also super reasonably priced.

Hema reminds me of a mix between Ikea, Tiger and Muji and that’s pretty much my wildest dreams.

Hema have so much choice for make up and spent ages looking around. As there was so much I truly wanted, I nearly left empty handed! But on the walk out, spotted a beautifully autumnal lip collection with something right by it…

A lip mattifier.

L: SHADE ‘Nightwatch’, R: Lip Transformer (matt)

This has quite frankly saved me this past week. I found a beautiful colour in Hema, but it was glossy. No issue with that, of course, but I really do not suit glossy lips (and have my fair share of non-matte lip colours I adore and can’t wear). Now, I can wear them.

I have been living in Hema’s Nightwatch for the past week, and for the looks I’ve had going, it’s done me well.




Unfortunately, pictures I have of myself don’t quite do it justice as my skin is ridiculously dry at the moment (including a lovely patch below my lip, at it’s worst. It’s pretty raw, red and flaky. Not fun). You can still see the colour and how easy and non-messy it is to apply. It would just look better on someone’s lips who weren’t completely ruined by the winter air.

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Forests have better lighting than you think

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As you can see, this totally glossy tone does not represent a glossy look at all. It truly does produce a Matt effect.

Retailing at £4.50 for the lipstick, and £4.50 for the Matt transformer, and adaptable to any shade and your pre-purchased home lipsticks, this is more than certainly a reasonably priced product.

I would say, however, I haven’t quite mastered the amount I need. I feel like I’m using too much per application, and therefore it will run out quicker than anticipated. Sounds stupid, but I wish there was some kind of guide on how to use it; am I to apply this to my lips directly post application? Or to a make up brush? Or even the lipstick. How much am I meant to use?

Even though those questions are very personal answers. We all apply different amounts of lip product for colour or due to the size or shape of our lips, and working for a cosmetics company myself it is easy to get frustrated when people ask the more obvious questions (I kid you not, I get asked how to use a hand cream on a daily basis), but I think I want the validation I’m doing it right, and I’m so in love with it I want it to last.

Hema do a full other range of mattifying products; A nail polish mattifier (i’m way too excited to try this as I remember I had a phase of being obsessed with Matte nails- when I looked after them- and would love to fall back into it); More generally, more matte lip products and matte foundation etc.

I think overall I would give this a 4/5 review, however considering the price it would be a 5/5 within it’s own right.


The main reason I would place it within the 4 would be because I have used better beauty products (though have never come across a lip transformer before) but they have been priced a lot higher and I would say on a totally different scale to these.

It was still an amazing product and I honestly wish I had this in my life earlier. It’s not only transformed my lips, but it’s transformed my life.

In the UK, there are only 6 Hema stores (3 of which are in stations) and these are:

  • Euston Station
  • Victoria Plaza (Victoria Station)
  • Birmingham New St Station
  • Stansted Airport
  • The Glades Shopping Centre, Kent
  • Kingston-Upon-Thames

Their store locator will help you to find other stores worldwide, and of course, if you don’t have one nearby (they aren’t very sparce and all seem to be located in the south-mid UK), online ordering is always an option!

I hope you get the chance to try this amazing product and I cannot wait to try more of their beauty range out (and probably spend alllllllll of my money on it).

Love always,


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