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Travelling light, travelling right.

By travelling light, I do not mean bagless. Heck, I am the worst at packing and if you saw my lugging my bags around, you’d think I was trying to move in.

By ‘light’, I mean freely. Without condition. Spontaneously.

I’ve always loved travel, but recently my etching for it has rocketed. I love to be anywhere, everywhere, and I don’t like sitting at home, truly. It stresses me out. It’s bad for my mental health. I need to be on the move, move, move. I mean, I also have to be sooo careful with my ME tiring me out and general mobility RE: hEDS but I do like to try and push what I do to the limit.

Regardless of not leaving the country since May for Paris, I have been to many-a-place since;

  • Poole
  • Cardiff
  • Swansea
  • Blackpool
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • Gloucester

and more…. Including many more local places (that unless about specific things in the town or certain experiences, have little worth of me mentioning. Reading being an example).

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My grandma and I en route to Blackpool for the illuminations

I absolutely love travelling and it was expressed by a blogger’s influencer site that my instagram  somewhat mirrored that of a travel blogger’s. This has really got me in gear as I’ve always wanted to blog about my travels, and between this and connecting with other travel bloggers, it has influenced me to be more travel-orientated on here. Of course, this will be alongside primarily having this as a lifestyle blog, cruelty free and sustainable living blogging, beauty blogging and the many other words that come out of my head and end up on your screen, but I would love to start blogging about my adventures more. After ages of dillying and dallying, half written posts and never posting/not even knowing how to fit said posts into my scheduling I have decided to kick it off with a ‘travel week’. Typically, I commit myself to 3 posts per week, or 2 if my health doesn’t allow it, but the week after next (commencing 27/11) I will post one blog every single day. Every. Single. Day. I guess this is a sort of ‘soft launch’ into blogmas, too, as from December 1st I will be posting every day for blogmas!!! And that begins just days after this travel week ends…

Processed with VSCO with 10 preset
My trusty cup of coffee that accompanied me for the journey to Gloucester

I think it would be hard to choose between my favourite out of all of these, as so many factors come into play… the people, the place, the activities, my own state of mind…

I think I have discovered something I love is being by the water, and not neccesarily for the sea (though that’s great too), but for the fresh air. On Saturday night we were out for a meal in Symonds Yat and I had a bad moment of anxiety and felt very… lost. It’s very hard to explain this sort of thing to my family but instead of sitting there aggitated (my grandma got aggitated herself at noticing my subconcious habit of shaking my legs under the table), I left for just a moment. I went to the waterside and for a moment I just stood there. It was pitch black due to the lack of non-natural lights but I spotted a boat, some houses on the hillside near me, a slip, the water. I felt lured, at home, in the moment. What was going on inside didn’t matter for that moment. I’d escaped meal anxiety and soon enough felt enough courage and normality to return. That freedom did me good.

I also think cities by the water aren’t quite cities in the same way. They’re no less of a city, but they’re more… peaceful. When I have recently said in the (near-ish) future I would like to get away from the city, I don’t view Cardiff as part of that. Heck, i’d love to move there. I guess it’s about mindset.

Where’s the best place you’ve ever been?

DC made me SO happy. I also loved Egypt.

Where would I like to go?

I would love to go to so many places, but i’m going to list my top 3.

  1. New York
  2. Budapest
  3. Malaysia

New York

I’ve always wanted to go to NY. I’ve always wanted to explore America, but more specifically… I love musical theatre. I would kill to see a Broadway show.


As I recently blogged about, not long ago I turned 19… on my birthday, I recieved a card from my grandparents and at the bottom, in my grandma’s handwriting it said “I can’t wait for our trip.” We had recently discussed how much I wanted to go to Budapest and my grandma knew how much my face would light up upon seeing this. I can’t wait to go to Budapest next year! We haven’t planned dates or what we plan to do yet, but I have so many ideas in mind. I am SO excited, i’ve always wanted to go to Budapest.


I don’t know what drew me to Malaysia, but something did. I look at the country and am in awe. It may be the colours, the scenery, the food… but I am so drawn to the country. I really am hoping to go there some day; I’ve never visited Asia before so would love to and Malaysia would be a good first.

Edit: I earlier said that next week would be a full on week of travel-inspired posts. Due to circumstances outside of my control, I no longer will be posting every day. This kick-start travel series will be postponed to a new year’s travel series! The travel blogger in me will see you after blogmas!

Do you like to travel? Hopefully you will enjoy my next few posts or feel inspired to get on the move!

Love always,


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