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The Liebster Award

Very kindly I was recently nominated by the beautiful Danielle to take part in ‘The Liebster Award’. I’ve never actually done a tag or award on my blog before despite my two years of blogging, so I feel pretty honoured to have been tagged.

It was also amazing to give the other nominated bloggers, and the person who nominated Danielle’s blogs a read and therefore connect with other bloggers (one of my favourite parts of being in this community).

What is The Liebster Award?

The person who nominates you sends you questions, and you then send those who you nominate different questions, and so on.

I admit I’d never heard of this before I was tagged, but I had seen similar things and think it’s a lovely idea! It helps you get to know other blogs and bloggers, as well as finding new connections.

So, here goes with the questions I was asked.

If you could only shop in one high street retailer, who would it be and why?

It depends what is that’s meant by ‘high street retailer’? Because I feel like it would be hard to not ever shop for clothes again but I can’t flee away from my morals…

For sure, it would have to be Lush. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to look after your skin and simultaneously the animals and environment?! Lush’s ethics are something I feel strongly about- from fighting animal testing to recycling policy and ethical buying (the specifics of these and all ethics I could go on for donkey’s years about)- and I can’t imagine never shopping in such an amazing shop again. Plus, you know, I could buy all my clothes off depop…

Why did you start blogging?

I remember being mutuals with Meg  and seeing her blogging… aside using instagram religiously (which I guess could be classed as a photo-based blog) I had no experience with blogging or even using blogs. I remember when I was younger watching many vlogs but never having even considered reading a blog. Suddenly, I became familiar with Elmpetra (Meg’s blog, which I remember being named differently at the time), and due to my love for writing, decided to make my own. If you wanted to check out some of my (awful) first posts (I did not know what I was doing), you can check out my contents page  listing my posts in order!

What’s your favourite comfort food?

Grapefruits. I could eat a million a day.

What is your favourite holiday?

I love Christmas and Halloween. I’m such an autumn and winter baby so I just love the festivities surrounding the period more than the holiday itself.

Do you have any siblings?

I have a younger sister called Katie. Here she is here.

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What’s your earliest memory as a child?

I don’t know my earliest memory, but I remember before my sister was born I was watching Holby with my mum (I was 2, and should not have been up) and made a comment about that being ‘like my mummy’. Turns out it was a C section gone wrong so not a wonderful comment to have made, but I didn’t truly understand…

I also remember going to Thorpe Park very frequently with family friends Charlie and Harry, and one time a goat hopped in my buggy to steal my pringles… they’re some weird mixed memories!

What’s your favourite film and why?

Monsters inc! It was the first film I saw at the cinema and has always been my favourite.

Do you enjoy fast food?

Not really. I guess there was a trivial ‘love’ for it I had when I was younger, but I never have enjoyed it truly. Plus, as a vegan there is very little I can actually eat from anywhere. Gotta love those maccies dates where you’re living off chips!

What is your dream job?

As a kid, my ‘dream job’ was always to work at Lush. Mission accomplished?! I also always wanted to teach or perform. My fate was distracted by disabilities not long ago meaning a career onstage was not viable despite lifelong training, but I would still like to teach. I cannot wait to get back into education to eventually reach a goal of teaching, when I am well enough.

If you could bring back any one person from the dead, who would it be?

Is this personal or famous? Gosh, I couldn’t choose one!!!

Personally, I would have to choose my grandad. Though, it would be a little strange as I feel like I am the literal reincarnation of him; it’s a silly thing but since I was little I’ve been so alike him my family made jokes about me being him. I sort of believe it.

Anotger person I’d love to bring back is Marie (one of my mum’s best friends, like a second mother to me). I miss her every single day and so many little things in life remind me of her. What a beautiful soul.

Faaaaaaamous people wise, Jane Austen, for sure. She’s my one true love, so who else would I resurrect but my literary hero?

What’s your favourite thing about the blogging community?

I have learned, myself, how to thrive.  Blogging has taught me confidence, openness, and it’s a group of amazing people supporting one another. I’ve met other vegans who’ve given me tips on meals and shared campaigns with me, Lushies who, too, are interested in what I am, and many strangers who have boosted my confidence with comments here and there. I’ve connected with so many people and whether they’ve stayed in it long or for a moment to read my posts, every single one has impacted my life. I love this community.

  • What is your favourite season?
  • What is your favourite Lush product?
  • What lifts you up after a tough day?
  • What is your favourite flower and why?
  • Are there any foods or food groups you avoid? Is that a choice (e.g Veganism) or allergy?
  • What’s your favourite cocktail/mocktail? (Adding the latter since I don’t drink myself)
  • What’s your favourite smell?
  • What’s your favourite quote?
  • Where is your happy place?
  • What do you love most about the blogging community?

I would like to tag the following (wonderful) bloggers:

The Ginger Zoologist

A Path To Vegan


Fran Alibi

The Lost Biscuit Tin

I hope you all enjoyed this insight into my life and discovering these new bloggers.

If you have any suggested blogs, hit them up in the comments and i’ll check them out!

Love always,


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