The Politics of the Royal Wedding (talking democracy, taxes and how it’s blanketed other news)

With the most recent Royal announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement, there have been many political views on the subject shared; whether you’re pro or anti-monarchy, i’m sure you’ve discussed the subject.

You can’t deny it, actress Meghan Markle is a perfect match for Harry. When you see the two of them together, they are super cute and the love they have for each other radiates, and that has heavily been observed, but it can’t be kept from the public eye. Harry’s life has been in the public eye, as a royal, and even if it hadn’t been, he’s marrying and actress who lives a life likely followed by many. But it’s Harry’s side causing the controversy.

Today, I shall be discussing the following things and the respective arguments surrounding them:

  • How it has presided over other news
  • The taxpayers’ argument
  • The political right


This time, this isn’t the ignorance of events in countries less well off than our own or even the stupidity of the so called leader of the free word (wotsit is undeserving of a name mention or validation on my blog), but actually about something I saw on twitter and progressed on twitter.

This tweet was posted a few days ago and slowly spread on twitter

as someone who myself suffers from mental illness and is an advocate of mental health, of course I retweeted this to help break the stigma. As everyone who speaks out, this was very brave and if we’re still looming over the character extension, a good use of 280 characters. The tweet went viral, and from what I know, the daughter and father were offered the chance to speak on ITV’s ‘This Morning’. The day they were due to appear, I left for work and by the time I got home, saw this tweet:

The engagement took over. The duo were cut off live TV due to breaking news. As the young girl states, ‘mental health issues will always remain’. They were always be here. They, regardless of how television depicts them, will be important and valid, and we need to remember that.

It actually hurts me a little that this happens due to a sole fact (generally, however, it hurts me a lot); That being due to Prince Harry’s position when it comes to mental health. Recently, Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton have been known to be standing up to help fundraise and speak out to help break the stigma. I found it extremely inspiring that such figures with a huge influence are using their unelected position for good, and actually doing more to help with the important issue than our government and parliament. Regardless of what you think of the royals, you have to admit, their recent work has been amazing. Anyway, it upsets me that such news about Harry cut off someone speaking out about mental health. I do actually think that if he himself heard this, he may be disappointed it was interrupted.

I do just think it’s sad that it presided. One event presided over such a huge issue.


Speaking of mental health, guess what we are severely underfunded for? Meeeeeental healthcare! Actually, the whole of the NHS. And the bloody welfare state. Gosh, it pains me to look back at the creation of the welfare state and visions and see the… well… (underfunded) state it is now. It only takes last week’s budget to know this is a fact.

Kate and Will’s wedding cost £26 million! Twenty. Six. Million. Pounds.

And then… we think over to Grenfell. All those people died because fireproof cladding at a cost of £5,000 max couldn’t be afforded. We can’t just think of the death toll here, either; It’s about the ripple effect on housing, inequality and the trauma many people have experienced as a result; it’s about seeing this happen to the less fortunate in one of the richest areas of the UK.

And what about other issues regarding the poverty line? Food banks. Jobseekers’ allowance. The people struggling the most are losing their benefits, or having them cut, only for the money the taxpayers pay to be spent so lavishly on two individuals.

I am not strikingly against the monarchy (actually, my family have worked for the royal family longer than i’ve been alive), but I am a disabled young woman who’s lived not only less well off than others, but in poverty. I have been also homeless. There are people less well off than me, and have faced worse than me, and I want to fight for them, and my own experiences.

The taxpayers’ money could be spent to help these people. We already have enough welfare cuts without making more sacrifices to those who need it most. It is something that really needs to be considered.


I think this is an interesting argument, especially as it’s not been raised online (or i’m yet to see it), but I had a very interesting conversation about it with a lady called Jocelynne Scott (relevant as she’s a nominee to be our next candidate) at a Labour social yesterday. Although this actually has nothing to do with the Royals, it has an impact.

There is a fine line between national pride and being a nationalist. I am not ashamed of being British like a nationalist I know seems to suggest, but I am not a nationalist. It is a fact that you can love or even just respect your own nation without being racist or hateful. I don’t know why people seem to see a blurred line when it comes to nationalism.

I fear that the royal wedding may bring out the worst in some people. National pride may raise the right (and even if you’re a leftie, you may fall into the blurred area and  sway right when the rest of your views do not match).

As I said, being proud of where you live, or were born, or your heritage is not a bad thing. It’s great; as long as you don’t invalidate other nations, heritages etc. There’s a difference between being patriotic (I am a proud Scot) and funnelling such into racism; direct or inherent.

I do hope that there will be a less facist approach to this wedding due to Meghan’s own background. It is so wonder to have a  PoC celebrated. I am extremely happy and understanding of Americans’ positive reaction to the wedding. With that man in power no news story contains hope anymore, especially in the US, so celebrating an American and most importantly, woman of a marginalised group in the media’s forefront is amazing. At least that is something to celebrate; so easily, we could be spending the taxpayers’ money to celebrate the richest of the rich, and not only one, but two etonians/people from already extremely priveledged backgrounds.

There has been many-a-controversy on this topic and hopefully this clarifies, and justifies why. I am super happy for Meghan and Prince Harry, but surely why I’m not 100% enamoured about the situation is now clear.

If there’s one thing I recall loving, though, it was the street party for Kate and William. Hopefully, we can join together as communities, regardless of our differences (be it sexuality, religion, finances….) and have the same community experience as I remember all those years ago. We are one and in this awful world, we need a good thing to hold onto, so let’s end this on a positive note.

Love always,


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