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Happy Blogmas! Day 1 2017

Hello lovely readers and happy blogmas!!!

If you aren’t aware of what blogmas is, I’ll be posting every day (yes, every single day) in December. I will also be getting involved with other bloggers’ blogmas’ so if you’re doing blogmas, hop in the comments or send me a link over on your twitter and I’ll give you some christmas love (and thereafter).

For day 1, I was going to do the christmas tag but I’ve decided first off to do a sort of blogmas brief. Tomorrow will be the Christmas tag’s day! So, here’s what you can expect from Stories Can Make Us Fly over this christmas period:

  • Vegan christmas treats and food reviews/ideas.
  • Winter activity diaries and suggestions
  • Winter and Christmas fashion and beauty ideas
  • Weekly ‘My Pain Day’ diaries (a focus on winter with chronic illnesses)
  • Gift guides

And much more…

On December 13th I am participating in another blog tour! You all seemed to enjoy my participation in the ur for Helene Fermont’s new book at the end of November, and I’m excited to be a part of this tour too! As you know I adore literature so being the first to read and review these releases is such an honour.

Is there anything in particular you want to see from me this year? I can always add in some extras in for you guys!

I hope you enjoy my blogmas and I can’t wait to read yours all!

Love always,

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