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Merry Pupmas

Hello, hello, hello!

You may have noticed my absence yesterday,or maybe not. I did make it up to you earlier by still honouring day 4 of Blogmas… just on day 5. In my defence, I truly needed to put my health over anything, including this blogging thing I love to do, as aforementioned.

I mention this absence as, as I touched on in the post I put out earlier today, I ended up, instead of sharing the words I intended to share with you, I cuddled up with my baby angels (my dogs). I have decided to do a ‘pupmas’ post, as who doesn’t love dogs? And I have never introduced my dogs to you guys properly.

So, it’s time to meet my favourite little things to ever exist:

Meet Mollie and Louie:

The smaller doggo is Mollie:

and the bigger one is called Louie:

Contrary to popular belief, Louise and Mollie are siblings! They’re both Jack Russells, but they’re from different litters meaning that Louie is a long haired Jack Russell and Mollie is short haired.

Louie’s the older dog, hence being bigger, and he is now 7! Mollie is 2 years old and as well as being the youngest, just doesn’t seem to be growing meaning we think she will stay as a smaller Jack Russell. She still looks like a puppy but the girl’s aging fast.

Louie is a restless fella, and won’t sit in one place for 30 seconds, but it also super clingy. I adore him to pieces and don’t know what I’d do without him constantly on his back wanting a belly rub and whining if I don’t give him a cuddle there and then. Though he’s not so on-your-person huggy, when he wants a hug he nussles his neck against your face and doesn’t allow you to move anywhere else! He also does this when he know you need a hug and it’s so adorable.

Mollie, on the other hand, is a hugger. She sits on my tummy 24/7, or my chest and tucks her head into the smallest space there is. She’s also got a strange obsssipn with shoulders so if you’re sitting up, will probably sit on your heck or shoulders. She sits in the strangest spots at the weirdest angles and sometimes I honestly wonder: how is it even comfortable?! If she sees you crying she licks the tears away and also nussle hugs like her brother, but is more or less close to you at all times. She is independent though, and knows when she wants to be alone so sometimes will sit on the empty sofa instead or go upstairs alone. When she goes upstairs it’s usually to my room, where she has her little familiar spot.

They both lick, a lot. If you have any skin showing they’ll probably lick it and love to use that as a way to show affection. They also like to hold my hand which is the cutest thing!!!

I could tell so many stories can tal about the many quirks of my doggies for hours, but instead I’m going to leave you with a million pictures of them:

AND assure you that yes, I am that person who FaceTimes them when I’m not home (more so now as I have moved out!!!):

I love them more than words can describe. My Instagram 100% will always be bombarded with dog pictures (whether as a post or on my story), so for more, give me a follow!

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Happy #NationalDogDay 🐶🌞💘

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