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Vegan treats review.

Have your self a very treat-ful christmas… Let the Yule…. log be eaten…. apart from the fact it’s probably not vegan so I’ll just watch people eat the cake.. Anyway.Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Stories Can Make Us Fly. Today is day 9 of blogmas and I’m feeling pretty good! That probably has something to do with a very lovely vegan treat I have discovered…

I remember the days of Christmases past were filled with chocolate and sweet, creamy aromas… unfortunately, chocolate is something I cannot have. No after eights. No roses. No nothing (well, that’s not strictly true… if it’s dairy free, it will be in my tummy!!!)

It was just as well I stumbled over this new treat:

I have been trying so hard to routinely eat to care for myself. Some days, I’ve known what I wanted; salad to steakless bake to chips from five guys, whatever that day’s craving was, I’ve let my body have it.

One of the days this week I truly have not known what I wanted and found myself wandering. My wander took me to the other end of town and as I still had no idea, but needed energy, I went into the nearest store, Boots.

Once in there I was attracted to the Graze section. I managed to wander out with pineapple and a flapjack for lunch (weird, as I don’t eat cookies/flapjacks on the regular). The flapjack I had was Graze’s Cocoa and Vanilla flapjack which, funnily enough, is vegan! I was initially disappointed as the regular and lemon drizzle flapjacks are not but I was over the moon to find out this chocolate tasting treat was. I tried it and honestly? Best snack of my life.

Usually I would be overcome by negative thoughts eating this, so not actively think of it, but once I finished my shift, I popped straight back down to Boots and bought a few to pop in my cupboard for snacks. Why the he’ll not?! I really enjoyed it and would love to in the future again too.

The flapjack itself is cut into 3 small pieces inside the packaging. I guess for £1.29 it is quite dear in price, but it’s graze! What do you expect? I love graze so much but it truly is expensive, sometimes! Online,you can get them cheaper at £5.99 for 6 packs.

The quality, however, was top notch. I seem to remember some flapjacks I’ve had being too sweet or almost too sticky in your mouth, and some with an unpleasant texture, but this was perfect.

The balance of oats-to-everything-else was wonderful! It also had little surprise crispy bits (a bit like coco pops) which gave the consistency (and the taste) a little zing.

Unfortunately, these are not suitable for soy-free vegans as they do contain soya (I try to cut down on my soya due to ethics and health but am not soy-free myself) and they do contain whole oats, but there is no info suggesting whether it is gluten free or not (I am not 100% educated on this ans have heard oats are gluten free from some people, but aren’t from others).

They also have a wonderful source of fibre in them!

It’s a great, healthy snack whilst being indulgent. I hav no guilt in stocking up on them and cannot wait to treat myself more this festive period. It is a great cake-y snack for vegans to make up for the lack of Yule log we’ll be getting

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did,

Love always, 

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