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“Does that sleepy stuff really work?” – Lush review and Christmas present tips

As you may already know, I work for a pretty goddamn amazing company. That company, who fight against animal testing, and for sustainable living, to name just a few wonderful attributes, is called Lush.

There’s a lot you may have seen about the company recently, but the one I’m homing in on today is the ‘Sleepy’ body lotion.

At the beginning of August, an article was shared on the daily mail, daily mirror, buzzfeed…. all big and influential online news networks… by an avid fan of sleepy. This was shared all over Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, you name it.

As Lush do not participate in such advertising, we did not know the storm that was about to hit up in stores. People were intrigued by our cream and wanted to try it.

Soon, we were constantly out of the marvel ‘sleepy’ pretty much every day and begging customer service for extra boxes and couriers, which was not always delivered. Why wasn’t it delivered? I remember one weekend finding out that on that weekend alone they made more sleepy than they had done for the whole rest of the year. Crazy, right?!

It wasn’t just first buyers, too; mums were coming in for their own sake, for their babies sake, and we even had people claiming it was the only thing that helped to calm their autistic daughter, their son with ADHD, their cousin with anxiety. You name it, people truly believed it worked wonders!

Not only did we have the sleepy fanclub, but there’s a question I’ve heard several times a day: “Does that sleep cream you do actually work?”

This easily could be one of the most frustrating questions to receive several times on a daily basis, but it’s understandable that people would be skeptical. The answer is difficult: what does ‘work’ mean? Why does my opinion hold so much value? In a typical retailer, I’m sure people would hype things they don’t believe in but at lush, it’s not about that. If you ask me for an opinion of a gift set, if can advise the £11.95 gift is better than the £50 one, of course I’ll encourage the £12 sale. I’m all about honesty and so’s the company. I personally cannot get behind lying.

The above probably makes it sound like this will have a negative twist but that’s not the case at all: I swear by sleepy. It truly is marvellous, and I love everything about the twilight scent family!

Many people say it has ‘cured’ their insomnia. Personally, I’ve had insomnia for 5+ years and have found nothing to cure it (though I’m doing a lot better now with medication that works for me) but I can tell you in a clear sense why it works for me:

  1. I’m a huge aromatherapy advocate. For years I’ve hoarded lush, candles, all things smelly and nice. Good smells make me feel good, but even when I’m at a huge loss my motto is ‘if you’re gonna be sad, at least be sad and smell nice. Am I right?’
  2. Lavender is typically a calming ingredient. Of course, if you suffer from insomnia fuelled by anxiety or depression, being (at least MORE) calm will definitely be a positive contributor to your sleeping pattern.
  3. Lavender is also an ingredient known to knock you out. Funnily enough in the summer I went to a lavender field and fell asleep in the car on the way home because I was totally surrounded by it!
  4. The cream isn’t pure lavender. The lavender (some people can be a little resistant to it because it’s so strong and floral in it’s pure form) is toned down by Tonka (a member of the vanilla family) and has some Ylang Ylang (also an ingredient known to calm!) and benzoin resinoid. Benzoin resinoid (as well as sweetening the lavender a little and soothing the skin- which is a benefit you of corse want in a body lotion) is known for easing muscles which is great for someone who suffers from chronic illnesses and chronic pain. My chronic pain certainly does not help my insomnia so this is an added bonus (of course, if you apply it to affected areas).

There are many benefits I could talk about for forever and a day but these are my top 4.

Did you notice I referred to it as a scent family?

Sleepy, in fact, was an add on to our twilight scent family last Christmas! Last year, I truly was over the moon, as I’ve always been a #1 fan of twilight (the bath bomb, shower gel, you name it). They released sleepy alongside many other twilight scented bits and bobs, and it was only made better when they brought it back after the festive season as an all year round product!

This means there are many other products available that share the sleepy scent:

  • Twilight shower gel
  • Twilight sparkle jar
  • Twilight sparkle jar
  • Twilight body spray

We also have many other lavender scented products that don’t quite share the scent but are still wonderfully calming;

  • A French Kiss Bubble bar
  • Lavender Vida Loca Soap
  • Dream Cream
  • Oaty Dreamy Creamy shower cream
  • Ickle baby bot bath bomb

I think my favourite twilight product has to be the body spray; not only can you spray it on your clothes and body to smell amazing but you can give the room or your pillow a spritz for sweet dreams.

Truly, sleepy is a saviour. Well, maybe not to the lovely compounders in the factory trying desperately to keep up with unrealistic demand, but it is wonderful.

It’s a perfect present this Christmas. Whether a stocking filler or main present, if you buy the gift set or an individual product, it works well.

My favourite present recommendation for a combo is the 100g tub of sleepy (£7.95) and Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb (£1.95). A lot of people want presents or secret Santa’s at around £10 and since this comes to £9.90 I can confirm my recommendation has been taken up many-a-time. It’s a lavender dream!

Where do I use it, then?

This is another FAQ we get a lot, and I always recommend the chest. I find it’s the perfect place for you to smell it in your content state of sleep. That’s what works best for you, but it’s a body cream you can choose to put anywhere. I also get bad eczema on my chest so it works for me as the cocoa butter does wonders for my winter skin. But it truly is personal preference; use it like you would any other cream!

So, in conclusion, sleepy does work and has a top notch rating from me! It’s vegan, cruelty free and definitely works wonders.

Whether it’s a gift for a friend or yourself, the twilight scent family are one of fabulous scents for Christmas gifts.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Love always,

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