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Eyeconic brows (review)

I’m no brow pro, but I have realised that if I’m going to wear as much eye make up as I do, I can’t really leave my awkwardly coloured, undefined brows untouched.

Last year, I became totally obsessed with a brow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

As seen here.

As you can clearly see here, I had a period of using it (and quite heavily, looking back at it). I did like it a lot, but it was a lot of effort to add to my usually quick routine, and I also found the pomade smudged. So, when I managed to lose it (yep, I lost expensive make up. I hate myself) I didn’t replace it. I couldn’t fork out for another ABH pomade and most other brow palettes were ‘blonde’ (a dirty brown), or dark. Not quite the auburn colour I’d used on my finger self.

I did improvise many a time with make up. Antique Bronze from my Modern Renaissance palette was a perfect match, or I’d add a little ‘charisma’ skin tint with a mascara brush from lush, even. When I had pink hair, I even used Pink EB as a replacement or, again, shades from my modern renaissance palette (being so red and pink based).

Eyeshadow Improv.

I was getting on quite well with eyeshadow improv until I lost my brush. The wonderful human I’m dating is a brow QUEEN (no word of a lie, Jadey is a brow queen) and on my birthday weekend, taught me how to paint those brows on.

I was in search of a new brush (I have funnily enough found my old one) as my other brushes are too thick and imprecise, so went into Primark. I was close to forking out in TKMaxx on some eco-brushes but right now don’t have the money, so searched for a cheap one first. I couldn’t find a single brush and decided it wasn’t worth the plastic on a set so I’d have to wait. On the way out, however, I stumbled across a pomade. £2. Pomade and tiny brush. Even if the pomade was rubbish, my logic was that I would still have an eyebrow brush and it would include a minimal plastic use due to being so small. It would tide me over (truly, until I needed any more brushes and then I would 100% fork out on eco-brushes. But I do not need any more right now and plastic would be wasted if I bought them for the sake of it- which is not my aim!

I decided to go for it. Treat yourself. I’m in constant envy of my housemates with perfect brows, of my colleagues rocking the definition.

I could only see one colour which looked, on the shelf, like a light brown.


There may have been other shades, but this is the only one I saw. It actually wasn’t too dark or brown for me! Of course, it looked browner than my ginge, but had auburn enough tones and still managed to look natural.

Look beyond the Snapchat filter, to the definition!

It took a little bit of trial and error experimentation to see what looked right. I found it totally perfect, but it looked wrong if you fully filled in the brows in a block-ish fashion. The pomade was easily made darker or lighter by the strength of your brush stroke. Perfecto!

I defined the underside of the brow with a clear line, and shaded the rest of the brow inwards. The outsides were darker filled, and it became very light shading the further in. I’m sure that’s how you’re meant to do your brows anyway, but if not, it sure is with this pomade to ensure it looked good.

Honestly, this pomade was wonderful. At £2 it’s a steal, and a cruelty free one at that!

I think it’s also worth considering for stocking fillers or your secret Santa, too. I 100% think it is of a high enough quality for make up enthusiasts like myself, but also a good idea for new starters with the art. It’s better to start with something like that than fork out on something crazy expensive when you’re still getting used to it, right?! I mean, then you can work yourself up or stay with whatever brand works for you over time. I’m very mixed. I’m a huge too faced advocate and used to use a NARS foundation that cost me $45 (I got it in DC last October) before they decided to no longer be cruelty free, and I love Kat Von D’s make up. However, I also am a huge fan of revolution, of MUA and even Primark now I’ve found out they’re cruelty free and partially vegan. Who cares what make things are if you get along with them?! Not me. I fall in love with make up items, not brands (of course, unless they’re vegan/cruelty free etc… I will probably, too, fall in love with the brand……)

P.S. Since writing this, my brows now officially have definition! My pal Siobhan is a beauty therapist and gave me a little shape and tint! My eyelashes have also had a little tint. I feel like a princess.

Before, I’d never in my life touched my eyebrows so they truly… were a mess. But look at them now! Tinted and shaped?! I don’t even have to touch them and they look fab!

Honestly, make up makes me feel good so being able to buy something for my brows out of my December budget (I am poor. Help.) lifted my mood a little. Looking fab, feeling fab!

The lipstick pictured above is one of Primark’s too and that retails at £3.50 (most of their liquid ones are £2 but this was part of the more expensive metallic range)- it also lasts amazingly?! This photo was taken after I drank a whole venti mug of black coffee and it was going strong! I love it. A lot.

I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do.

Love always,

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