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This Winter: A solstice reflection.

If you know me, you know I am pretty spiritual. Over the years I have found myself relating to spirituality much, much more.

My mum has always been spiritual. I remember as a child seeing her with tarot cards and some angels game, and a tonne of crystals I never really understood. As a teen, I still thought it was all ‘spiritual rubbish’. That is, until a few years ago…

By the time I made this blog, I had discovered spirituality. I haven’t spoken about it an awful lot, but it’s definitely been mentioned in a fair few posts.

Spirituality is not all I am into. I am very fascinated by the Wiccan art and witchcraft . I don’t think I particularly would associate myself with Wiccan as a religion (as I’m not religious, just spiritual, personally, but do respect all religions and others’ views) but as an art, and spiritually, I love it.

That is what this post is really about; all things Wiccan and spiritual, and my pledge for the upcoming year.

I am slowly learning more and more about all things witchy and crystals but there is so much more to learn.

This year I intended to get more into all things wiccan but with everything else in my life I’ve been holding onto mere basic spirituality throughout.

I wanted to go a Yule ritual on Saturday as I was totally fascinated by the idea, but the one person I would have gone with was unable to make it so I decided not to alone (screw you, anxiety) but also ended up making other wonderful plans so that’s okay. The basics of it were a ritual all to do with reclaiming the light, since it’s MidWinter’s day today (marking the first day of winter itself) and truly just celebrate all things Yule and spiritual in the lovely darkness winter brings.

I want to mark today, Winter Solstice, as the day I get more involved. This winter, I will be getting involved in this magic and finding time for spirituality- it is a form of guidance.

Winter for me, as someone suffering from disabilities and mental illness, is bloody hard (on the phone today when I was being referred to another medical branch the receptionist actually said to me re: medical history and disabilities ‘well that’snot f***ing fair at all, is it?!’ – don’t I know it). Things seem so much bleaker and it’s so much easier to fall into a relapse of this than and the other, especially when surrounded by supposed constant joy, a food overload and high societal standards. I know winter will be hard because last winter was hard and since, things have generally gone downhill. And if they’re great? At least I have low hopes. I need something good to look forward to, to cling onto, and hell yes, am I gonna make that spirituality?!

I want to teach myself magic, to be more spiritual, to align my chakras well and even help others to.

I know some people don’t believe in all this, and no, I don’t think you have to, but as little spirituality as healing crystals have helped me more than you would ever imagine, even in the darkest of times, and I am taking today as the day I start my true wiccan journey.

This winter is opening a door for me. A metaphorical, spiritual door for me to walk into an art I consider beautiful.

You don’t have to agree with me, and you don’t have to be spiritual. I hope you respect that I do believe in spirituality and I, of course, respect all you do believe in.

Love always, and happy Yule!

Lauren x

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