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Sparkles & Self Care: A Very ‘Extra’ haul

I… am stressed. I am a retail supervisor at Christmas. Do I need to repeat, I am stressed?

Heck, I love my job but anyone who’s worked in retail, and especially anyone who’s been a member of management in retail at Christmas time, will know… it is not easy.

Hell yes, I signed up for it, and do I regret it? Not. At. All. But alas, I am stressed, and I very much am allowed to be.

Christmas shopping is also stressful. You either have a plan or no plan and things don’t always seem to fall into place. For me, for some people it’s taken me forever to work out what to get them. For others, I have an elaborate plan and… insufficient funds for such until payday. I have very much put off Christmas shopping since I’ve been on the other side of it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and I know how crazy it gets. I see it. I manage it.

So, what’s better for stress than a little self care?

I wasn’t planning on it, but a very bad day led to me spending the last few pounds I had tucked away for the month on myself.

You’re like… what’s that bird who’s attracted to shiny things called? A magpie! – Aida

On said day, as well as a good old cup of coffee (I had my first mocha as a vegan (a latte made with dairy-free chocolate almond milk. I love you Joe & The Juice) I treated myself to, there were a few bits from my favourite shop (where I indeed work and basically live- “you need to get a life” are words uttered by my wonderful boss- whom may I confirm is also one of my best friends so means no harmful intent- on most days) and a mini primark haul, too.

First of all, I’ll start with Lush since that’s where it started. I finished at 7 or 8pm, I believe, so an hour or two before close and found myself loitering for a while. Although I can find myself fatigued after long days (I guess that’s M.E. for you) I cling onto work very much. I love it very much and it feels like a safety blanket to me.

I spent a long time wanting to buy things…. resisting…. wanting to buy things…. resisting…. caving in the name of self care.

What broke me was the knot wraps: if you know me, you know I adore the knot wraps. I own a tonne and they pepper my walls, as well as having a box under my bed for straight up using in my hair, or even in the past, photo backgrounds, scarves etc…

There was a vintage one I’d had my eye on (but could not justify/afford until payday) for a while and the fear of losing it to a Christmas shopper broke me. I was totally in love with it, and it’s massive so very practical, so had to buy it. I actually have managed to leave it in my mum’s car (I am very sad and live on my own so probably won’t have it again until Christmas Eve) or else I would share a picture of it full-out, but here, you can see me wearing the wonder in my hair (and it’s tail – or what’s showing- shows quite how long it is!):

The vintage knot wraps are priced at £4.95 and not made from recycled materials as they’re vintage and therefore mostly one offs, but your average knot wrap is made from recycled plastic bottles and price mostly at £4.95, with a few at £3.95 or £2.50, and the massive ones at £10-12.

Of course, I then couldn’t resist buying a few other bits (two is a huge ‘resist’ for me):

I picked up Star Light Star Bright and Ceridwen’s Cauldron.

Star Light Star Bright, a super glittery, internally colourful bath melt, never fails to pick me up. The spicy-sweet scents lift me instantaneously and of course, the glitter is astounding. I also got to see their production at the factory down in Poole and the sheer amount of effort put into one melt makes me appreciate it so much more.

Totally on the other hand, I very much have under appreciated Ceridwen’s Cauldron. I remember when I had particularly bad eczema using it, and I think avoided it when that cleared up without thanking it’s miracles. I since have only ever purchased one in a Relax gift set and remember for a fact that was in March 2016 (I was desperate for twilight shower gel and that was my only means of receiving even a tiny bottle). I surely wasted it, totally under appreciating it’s beauty, and I have only realised when the infamous (or should I say insta-famous) lushacker (Jack) came into my life how beautiful it is. He is the BIGGEST advocate.

I next fell into the path of primark. I was actually just walking through to get out of the centre, and eyeing up the things I love (as a yellow fan, I am obsessed with a lot of what they have at the moment) for payday’s sake (maybe) and I couldn’t walk past the shoes section. I’d had my eye on a beautiful pair of boots for a while and more so since they went on sale, but never caved. I actually can’t wear them at the moment as I’m blessed with a moonboot but hey ho, it didn’t stop me from being drawn to them once more. They had one pair left in the size of my tiny feet and I tried them on my good foot and fell in love. Me and my mother shared many phone calls trying to get me to decide. Can I justify this? Can I abandon them? Agh. Decisions.

Do you really think I can abandon these bad ass heeled boots? Hell no. I decided to treat myself so I would have shiny new boots when my foot was well enough to be wearing them (shout-out to my Ehlers-Danlos).

I also happened to be slightly attracted to a very ‘extra’ pair of boots:

Blue and purple glitter… my beady magpie-eyes couldn’t turn away. They had one pair and in my size too! Of course, I went for them.

Both pairs of shoes were priced at £6 in the sale but the latter pair were a pleasant surprise when they came up as only £3 at the till!

I am a very chuffed human being. In total this came to a total of under £20 and I was shinily satisfied!

Have you bought anything for yourself whilst ‘Christmas shopping’ for others? Let me know!

Love always,

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