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My 2018: What I’m looking forward to

From the bottom of my heart I can tell you this: I don’t know if 2018 is going to be a good year. Heck, 2017 was hell so I haven’t got my hopes up. However, I have already got a few landmark events which I know are going to be wonderful. They truly are what, on the tough days, I’m hanging onto.

So! I’m going to share a few with you.


3rd- I am finally seeing Hamilton! Although I’ve only had this booked for around a year, I have been waiting for this moment for about two years and a half, and honestly recently have been tearing up over it because I can’t quite fathom that it’s actually happening. I’m also going with two friends who are off at uni, so i’m more than excited to see them again.

4th- This is the next time I have planned to see Jadey. I mean, I only saw her at the end of December (so this is a smaller gap in seeing her than has been in the past) but I miss her a lot. I’m extremely excited to see her, it really is pushing me through the week.


It is around this time I’m planning to go to Budapest. I’m going with my grandma, and as my birthday present from last year they are kindly paying for some of it. I love travelling, as you all know, so am very excited. (Also, If you have any recommendations of vegan places I would love to know!)

21st- This is the day before my sister’s 16th birthday, and as her birthday present… it’s time for Hamilton take 2! I’m excited to see it again and am very lucky to, and feel great about being able to take her.


In April, I’m off to Paris! My time off work actually got confirmed yesterday so it’s now official. This is the third springtime in a row I’ve gone to Paris (I have been in March/April, then May, now April again). I am hoping, of course, to go back to Disneyland, too. It’s my happy place.


Right… So this is getting predictable… I may (or may not) be seeing Hamilton for a third time in June. I feel totally blessed to see it once, never mind twice or three times, but will never be any less excited.


3rd- It’s my biiiirthday! As every year on this date, of course. But on this date I become officially… no longer a teen! Pretty cool. It’s kind of strange I will soon be in my twenties…


Well, who isn’t already excited for Christmas?!

So, 2018 already has some things to look forward to and many uncomfirmed too.

Me and my friend Izzy are set to plan a holiday (though we’re still not sure where to- we have many, many places we want to go to), I know we’re also going to go Charity shopping in Chelsea at some point too, and I also got a Lush Spa Treatment for my birthday so that will be happening soon, too!

I’m sure i’ll have many more plans made at some point too, but at the moment these are my good old landmarks to look forward to in the year.

Do you have any set plans? Are any of your plans similar to mine? What are you most excited for this year?

Love always,


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