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The little things

Life is full of many goal posts; some to get us through the next week of our life, some are lifelong goals and achievements (which realistically are hard to follow in a strict, linear fashion) and some are goals to make you feel something.

On some days, I can dream of grand schemes and far, far into the future, but some days I am proud of myself for merely getting out of bed.

Sometimes, most of the time, in this huge life of ours, it is the little things that get us by. It’s sometimes the goalposts (for example, seeing your best friend can motivate you to get through your revision), but other times we set goals.

Some people see goals as tasks, and every day, have a long task this, but tell me… how can you keep this up every day? No one day is the same. No one day is predictable, and I will not be ashamed for not being as far ahead in my schedule of blogging as I wanted, when I already have a million and one other things to deal with.

For the past week, make up has not been an art to grace my face. Since I’ve been working full time and have been pretty exhausted, I saved the little energy it takes to put colours on my face. I also had the logic of being able to rub my eyes or splash them with water if I was tired, and I guess it gave me an excuse to feel exhausted beyond belief- because it looked it to. You knew I was ill, you knew I was exhausted and it was a sort of apology without words.

Yesterday, I set myself a goal. I wanted a kick up the arse to feel more alive and have a more interactive face. Yesterday, I said today was the day I set one prime goal: To wear make up.

If I could put my make up on before 8:30am, I could kick start my day. I would look ready. I would feel ready.  I would be ready.

Needless to say, I am still feeling a little grim and I am bogged down with fibro flu so chronic illness now has me totally exhausted… but guess what?

I did it. I put my make up on.

I put my make up on, I felt pretty and confident, and I felt accomplished. Instead of allowing my exhaustion to let me feel small, I excelled with confidence.

I didn’t accomplish anything, truly, and logically I did a lot more, and more important things at work (those which I had to do and got done, of course) but I felt like I had achieved something, even so.

I also wanted to do so, not only to feel more confident and give me that kick, but for a reason, too. Today was the last day Lush was selling the full ’emotional brilliance’ colours range, before it all gets discontinued. A little birdy says they are working on a new cruelty free cosmetics line, and their staple products (translucent powder, a highlight, mascara and few other bits) are being kept beyond today, but today is the last day EB will be sold. I live on EB, honestly. I basically own it all because it’s such wonderful stuff. I couldn’t not use it (and use a bold colour, at that) on the last day of sale, could I?! I would’t be repping my personal brand! It wouldn’t be right!

I used Intuitive, an iridescent green, with a blend of all the blue-y shades sold. The lipstick is infact a teal shade from Primark that I picked up for £1 in the sale. I’ve before discussed how primark have top quality lip bits and bobs, AND are cruelty free, so I couldn’t resist when I was feeling low and needed a pick me up. What better to solve life’s problems than bright lips?!

That 8am pre-work selfie, though.

Anyway, today’s post hardly held any importance but I wanted to say it’s okay to hold a little event of success in your stride. Especially when the pains of life are getting you down, this can impact your day on a huge scale.

Another success of mine was keeping myself awake in the morning. I’ve found myself more frequently napping before I start from tiredness (I’ve had half an hour plus spare, before) but I know that is detrimental in the long run. I may be tired then and there, but it truly does nothing for my mood and mindset, so keeping myself up and busy, and making myself nice coffee to fill the time this morn brightened my day.

Hype yourself.

Photo by Jack Rothband for Lush Watford’s instagram account.

Allow yourself to have confidence.

Push yourself to your limits, but don’t damage yourself by going too far beyond.

You deserve a warm heart for the little things as well as the huge landmarks- without the little successes, would you be able to get to your huge goals?

Mostly, no, is the truth.

I just want you all to work this year on loving yourself. Don’t use up all the energy from your heart of gold on other people, you deserve it yourself, too, and most importantly.

Love always,


featured image: Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

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