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Lush Valentine’s Launch 2018

So, yesterdaaaay. Yesterday the Lush Valentines Day range launched. With 14 seasonal products being released and a significant amount of those being brand new, I believe it is the biggest range to date.

Mourning the loss of an old friend

Before we go into the fabulous fineties of this year’s launch, I want to talk old products. What do I miss?

Prince Charming.

I know so many people that don’t love Prince Charming. How can you not love Prince Charming?! I’ve never been much of a shower cream person; Prince Charming and Yuzu and Cocoa were my only, but true loves (and I did love Santa’s Christmas recently) and I have to say, I couldn’t be longing more for the naked version. Pomegranate is so mouth watering, and the sweet marshmallow root adds a good kick to it.

So why isn’t it back? As a sales assistant this time last year, I can tell you- it sold well. I never struggled to get it off the shelves. I am totally mourning not being able to stock up on my one true love! I mean, I still have a 500g and 250g bottle left, but I’m gutted even so. It better make a return (and naked) in the new and improved Kitchen.

I also have to say I’m missing the old Kiss Me Quick washcard. I totally adore the new scent, but having something 29 High Street scented was amazing. I don’t own the shower gel (though I do own the gorgeous, exclusive perfume) so I loved it. Plus, as I have before mentioned, I am a naked kinda gal so since we never got a 29 High Street naked shower gel, the environmentally friendly washcard was the best I could wish for.

The return of old friends

Although those two beauties were lost, some old favourites returned; unicorn horn, tisty tosty, the kiss lip scrub and rose bombshell.

Unicorn Horn has always been a lush favourite. I know most Lushies were counting down the days until it’s return, and extremely excited for whatever design they would65e045f6-62ae-4390-b3d7-68333758d6dc bless us with this year. I have to say, I prefer other designs to this years (I miss the little stars immensely) and loved the blue, even, last year, but this unicorn horn creates waters much more beautiful. The purple and pink, in my opinion, merge a lovely colour mix and it is total bliss. I believe they have adapted the scent a little this year, but it’s beautiful even so. Lavender is great and sooo calming- I find it wonderful for days I feel particularly anxious or want to drift off into a serene, blissful sleep. It also has a hint of neroli in it, an ingredient scientifically proven to stimulate serotonin in the brain. I adore the smell of neroli more than life itself, as i’m such a citrussy gal, but it’s also wonderful since I suffer with depression. I tend to carry ‘inhale’, a neroli based perfume (part one of the ‘breath of god’ scent) which gives me a little boost. I’ve also carried a tisserand lavender oil around with me for the past few years so you can probably tell… unicorn horn is for me.

Rose Bombshell is also beautiful. A pink, rosy bath bomb with beautiful detail. It contains yellow rose petals. It’s a lovely fuzzed so puts on a show but is also so elegant. I always feel so zen, like I’m at a spa. Of course, the main ingredient in this is rose. It’s a lovely floral bath bomb. It definitely tops my list, too- I have been highly anticipating it’s return.

Oxford Street have also released a Giant Rose Bombshell bath bomb. I haven’t managed to get central yet, and don’t like paying the £4 delivery unless it’s a kitchen item (not because I’m stingy, but I work in a lush store. I’m there every day. What would be the point?). I’m super excited about this and most certainly will be using it on Valentine’s Day itself.

Though I have no photos of this myself, I did use the Giant Golden Wonder bath bomb released this Christmas as my first bath of the year… What a show it put on!

Now, I will be murdered by my good friend Rhi but I’ve never been much of a Tisty Tosty fan. I love the general rose smell but find the jasmine comes through far too much for me (I don’t like jasmine, if you hadn’t guessed…). It’s also a fast fizzer which I don’t enjoy as much (aside avobath, the legend itself). Anyway, it was never my favourite and I was desperate to get them out of our shop upon discon. I admit, the 2016 valentines design did take my fancy for the aesthetic and I enjoyed it a little more, but it still wasn’t my favourite. Although it’s still not my favourite scent, I much prefer this year’s design. It is really beautiful and the seven rose buds are a cute idea so I will be giving it another try. If you’re a floral fan, I promise you’ll love it, and it drives a strong aesthetic.

Another return I’m not so fond of is The Kiss. The Kiss is a Valentine’s Day lip scrub with a mandarin oil flavour. I love citrus, as I have mentioned before, but I have one bone to pick with The Kiss: the sea salt. Most people I know have been fond fans of Popcorn and The Kiss, but the mix of fine sea salt into the caster sugar gives it a more bitter edge. I love every other aspect of The Kiss but the sea salt, including the cute little heat confetti just like in Santa Baby!

Hello newbies!

I won’t go into every product in detail but I am going to rank my new faves:

  1. Cherryish
  2. Whole Lotta Love
  3. Love Boat
  4. Kiss Me Quick Washcard
  5. Tender Is The Night Shower Cream

I first want to express my shock about Tender is the night. I was so disappointed when I first heard Lush were releasing a Tender Is The Night shower cream, as it’s the only naked one we sell at the moment and I hate the Tender Is The Night smell. It smells of jasmine which is a scent that not only I don’t like, but actually makes me feel a little funny. When I smelt the shower cream, I had a pleasant surprise. In my opinion, it seems to share the vanillary scent. Vanillary has never been my top fragrance but I do find it very pleasant (and have found myself mixing the perfume with ‘sun’ and loving it). I haven’t yet invested in it but have used it as a demo in store and love it.

05901f1b-09cd-471f-aa10-63e51a98b6a9My top product has to be Cherryish, as it has such a beautiful smell. I find it is so good for my skin as a scrub (recently, as my skin’s so dry sea salt scrubs have only been aggravating it, and I can’t find a vegan alternative to ‘scrubee ‘ I like enough). Although Cherryish has fine sea salt in it, the dominating scrub ingredient is ground cherry stones. Like the ground coconut shells in ‘scrubee’ this holds a very different experience and honestly? I much prefer it. It’s also wonderful as it’s packed full of moisture nutrients:

  • Illipe butter
  • Almond oil
  • Murumuru butter
  • Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Fair Trade Shea Butter
  • Extra Virgin Coconut oil

To name a few. What a delight, hey?!

As part of the Valentine’s Day launch, we did a ‘sneak peak’ release story, in which I modelled Cherryish. Despite hating myself barefaced usually, I liked this photo enough to repost it onto my own ‘gram:

Whole Lotta Love was a close tie with Cherryish. The love heart shaped bubbleroon shares it’s scent with the ‘love’ family… my favourite scent family. This family is one you’ll know best for smelling of the recently discontinued ‘fizzbanger’- my favourite batha873399c-1e5e-4ec0-897f-4d5b6a1dc78a bomb. I’m so gutted about losing it, but luckily stocked up so still have 5+ in my collection to be able to mix with the bubbleroon. The bubbleroon is sandwiched with Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Shea Butter, and Murumuru Butter to name a few so is perfectly nourishing for skin. As I suffer from eczema and am currently having a flare up, this will be so perfect for me. The heart itself is a beautiful magenta shade and the Shea Butter golden, so it creates beautiful deep pink waters with glittery streaks. I’m so happy to have another ‘Love’ smelling scent to add to my collection. You can never have too much Love.

I also adore ‘Loveboat’- it smells gorgeously of Love Hearts (the sweet) and creates amazing patterns. If you want to check it out, head over to and you can see it on the ‘Valentine’s’ story highlight! It is an addictive smell and the patterns it creates are truly wonderful.


It also mixes with Unicorn Horn so well, so if you’re after a witchy combo, go for it!

I earlier mentioned the Kiss Me Quick washcard. The Kiss Me Quick washcard did in fact 42d1ae32-c264-4b72-a570-d5c170860e48return this year, but with a fresh new scent. It now has a sweet, spicy scent that makes my mouth water almost as much as golden pear! With Tonka, clove bud and mimosa, it holds such a fresh scent. Even though I miss the old scent, I do really love the new one but wish they could happily live together! It is also changed this year; it is a pair of lips, making the washcard the biggest washcard we sell (aside the Oxford St Exclusives) and still only priced at £2, which is truly amazing. I have also found that it is by far the most moisturising washcard I’ve used. I used it in the shower this morning and it’s my favourite thing, now, and another way to cut down on plastic usage!

This morning I used ‘Cherryish’ alongside Kiss Me Quick and my skin truly felt great afterwards!

I can’t wait to have a bath later with ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and ‘Fizzbanger’ to start, and work my way through the rest of the collection up until valentine’s! It’s so exciting that I get to work in my favourite shop and show off (and as a supervisor, also train sales assistants about) these products every day and the next month truly is going to be exciting!

If you’re loving the valentine’s range and want to see more showcased, head over to the Lush Watford instagram for more updates (posted daily by myself, the wonderful Hannah or the rest of the social media team)

I hope you have enjoyed this product launch as much as I have, I can’t wait to read other people’s thoughts!

Love always,

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    1. Me too! Love is my favourite scent so I’m glad we have something love scented but I need Prince Charming in my life!!! Who else is going to love me?! (Kidding, but the scent is a favvvv)


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