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To the future

Exciting times are ahead of us. Today something huge has changed on this blog I perceive as my pride and joy….

Here at Stories Can Make Us Fly, we are no longer a .wordpress site!!! Though I have kept my site on wordpress as I personally do love the layout and find it extremely easy and convenient to use, today my own domain has been invested in, so the leap from to has been taken. This is extremely exciting for me. I know it’ll open up a few doors. Plus, it’s something I have wanted to do for a while.

I wanted to do it in the summer; in November; in December; for the new year… but I just couldn’t commit. In January, I mentally planned taking this leap, but yesterday, the day I told myself I would, I didn’t. Today, I’ve been thinking about it non stop. I came on here to write, with it out of my mind, and the little notification encouraging me to take that leap appeared… and I fell for it. Though ‘falling for it’ sounds negative, I infact do not mean it in a bad way. It encouraged me to take that leap, and indeed, I feel gooood.

So, anyway. I took the leap, and am now very proud to announce my place on

This post is a short and sweet one about the domain change, but more will be coming in the very near future, so don’t worry!

Oh, and, I don’t believe I’ve had a chance to show this off in a post on here…. but the lovely New Lune designed me a new icon and header for the site before Christmas… and I love it. It encaptures everything I feel relevant to my blog and generally makes the site look waaaaaaay more aesthetic, so I am very happy!





I aspire, going forward to be positive continually- even if I just impact one person’s life from positivity, talking about mental health/disability, or someone reads my rambles about living an ethical lifestyle or even considers changing due to it, I will be very happy.

|I’ll be back with more, and more interesting things, soon!

Love always,


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