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Candidly me (poem- by Lauren Curr)

via Prompts- Daily post (candid)

DISCLAIMER: This prompt was from January 22nd, but I only discovered The Daily Post today and wanted to write about it, even so.


It’s funny how

the vulnerability

of one’s insecurities

opens up confidence.

A void of feelings

one would never


know, open to

the net, the world, from another.


We strive for


But who would have

ever known what


even was;

even is?

Self guided,

we critique.

We know our way

and probably

don’t make it-

on time,

where we want to be,

with whom,

on the route we planned.

What is


By another,

we accept

whatever route

we are shown,


Unknown, but loved,



When you take

a photograph

of your face

we strive for perfection.

Angles, lighting, background…

Must be


Self guided.

I take a picture of you,

one picture,

and there have been better,


if the pegs are fitting

into the holes

of societal expectation,


But I

guided you


guided your camera,

your angles, lighting,

and the goal of


has changed.


faded into want

but not need.

I look good,

maybe not


on the ‘gram,

or other networks,

but good enough.


I am good enough.

You see my vulnerability,

you see my beauty,

you see me.

When I saw the word candid, I automatically thought of photographs. I love taking candids of people, but don’t get many taken of me. Upon that, I’ve occasionally thought- is it because I’m ugly? But that has nothing to do with it. I also have realised that, in candid photos, I’m a lot less picky; if I see a photo of me I didn’t know was being taken and it’s relatively okay, I’ll probably share it. It’s a raw, pure memory of a good time. No filter on my life. It may not be a flattering smile, but I’m making memories, that’s what I’m doing, and it’s a moment out of being totally consumed by societal expectations and Instagram focused. Don’t get me wrong, I love documenting my life. I run a blog, for crying out loud, but sometimes you will be so in the moment photos won’t be the first thing on your mind. Sometimes, you’ll be so in the moment, they will- neither of those makes your memories less worthy, or valid. I feel like candids share a lot more of my vulnerability, but sometimes, that makes me feel more confident. I may have some tummy showing but when I look so happy, that shouldn’t be my primary focus so sharing these picture is empowering. That’s what this poem is about.

Personally, I think it’s powerful as spoken word. I did infact record myself reading the poem last night, but as i’m ill I feel like the tone of my voice isn’t as versatile as I would have liked, so am going to record it again soon, and sure, it’ll be included here. I do hope you guys like it.

On the note of spoken word, I’m going to below link some of my sources of inspiration when it comes to spoken word;

Button Poetry:

Rachel Wiley:

Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen):

^ The above was something I only discovered a few days ago when my fave person, Aida, sent it to me. I forgot to listen to it on the day she wanted me to but on my break the next day, we listened to it together and I now swear by it. I definitely will be listening over and over again.

Love always,

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