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Nourish your feed, nourish your soul: #SockItToEatingDisorders

There is one phrase I live by when times are tough; “Nourish your soul.” Primarily, I began to use this for bopo purposes, in the sense of ‘nourish your body’, without allowing it to be exclusive; because when the ED hits and thoughts are spiralling round, nourishing your body can seem like a toxic idea. So, what can you do? Nourish. Your. Soul.

Even when my Eating Disorder has controlled me to the highest of heights, spiritual health remains a priority for me. This focus on spiritual health allows me to creep up on the crappy illness and pounce. By nourishing my body, I am nourishing my soul- without the bollocks psychology my ED tries to convince me of.

What I’m getting at, is spiritual health is important and many, many things can contribute to spiritual health. As well as using playing with spirituality to divert your mind and allow yourself to nourish your body, there are other ways you can positively contribute to nourishing your soul:

You may remember, a while back, I wrote a post on positive instagram blogs when I opened up my own positivity and awareness account (which is thriving, by the way!)- and today I come from a similar angle.

As mentioned earlier in the week, It’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week.


This week, I want to direct you to amazing recovery accounts, people that have spoken out, ED fundraising art, and some of my autiful friends who inspire me daily.

All links to platforms will be available under the name line, listed as ‘social networks used’.

Mental Health and the arts (all good for fundraising!)


Social networks used: BLOG, INSTAGRAM, ETSY

I follow the lovely Sophie on Instagram. She’s wonderfully bookish and a lovely blogger, and I’m sure I came across her blog via Instagram through other blogger pals and I’m so glad I did! Her general blogging niche is lifestyle and literature, but she has a strong focus on mental health and crafting, too! I think she’ beautifully inspiration and if you’re looking for a blog to read, she’s a fab one to go for.

My main reason for inclusion was this lovely print she’s made – in line with this year’s theme, ‘sock it to eating disorders’. It’s fun and attractive, being Harry Potter, as well as beautifully created, and I couldn’t resist buying one! I’m yet to receive it (I only ordered it yesterday so that’s hardly a shocker) but it will be shared on here and my other social media account as soon as I do. And guess what? £1 of this fab print goes to the UK’s Eating Disorder CharityBEAT.

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Dobby is now FREE on Etsy to #sockittoeatingdisorders 🌟 He is inspired by BEAT's #SockItToEatingDisorders Campaign, because who knows more about socks than Dobby? It’s no secret on here that I’m a bit of a crazy house elf lady, but there’s actually a deeper reason for this than socks. As much as I love socks… DOBBY FINDS FREEDOM. Dobby chooses to defy his master and do what is right, even when it feels like the most terrifying thing in the world. Sound familiar? I think I’ve found my new recovery analogy, odd socks and all! 🧦 🌟 The ED steals your freedom. It pushes you around, punishes any attempt to defy it and convinces you that this is your life: “Here is your bed, so make it… and make it again… and perhaps do the laundry while you’re at it (but no socks included)” It’s a cycle that seems endless, but it can end – with the right support. £1 from every sale of this print is going to be donated to BEAT – the UK’s Eating Disorders Charity – who are a “champion, guide and friend” for anyone affected by this illness, including loved ones. Their work is so important, shining a light on issues that otherwise be left in darkness. The question for #eatingdisorderawarenessweek this year is “why wait?”. It takes approximately 149 weeks for those experiencing symptoms of an ED to seek help, which is nearly THREE YEARS. Over 1000 days with a 24/7 antagonist in your mind. I cannot stress enough the value of early intervention, from both personal experience and having seen the devastating impact of delayed intervention for others. Even if I only raise £1 from this print (I’ll buy one for my Millie), I hope it’s brought awareness to those who may not have known about EDAW, or has possibly resonated with a fellow potterhead in recovery. Ps: no matter how long you’ve been struggling, I still believe you can always break free. It’s never too late ❤️

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Social Networks used: INSTAGRAM, ETSY

“A Bristol based little shop selling menta health zine (mini DIY books) and a few other bits and bobs!”

I’ve not followed the person who runs this for very long but I’m sure I’ve heard of the zine before! I may have stumbled across them on etsy before because I really recognise the zine style! I only recently followed their personal account, due to, I believe a friend or fellow blogger posting about them, and for ED awareness week a link to DogsNotDiets was shared. I haven’t actually been able to invest in one yet but its top of my list when I have the financial stability*. Their niche is, of course, mental health (centred around both support and awareness) and I love bot the aesthetic and concept. They also have spoken out about their own issues making it more personal and further helping to remove the stigma and aiding people in their recovery.



This bopo artist creates some banging pots.

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Self love 💕

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Artist name: Molly Hillier

Age: 19

Social networks used: Instagram, depop

I’ve known Molly for around a year and have been lucky enough to see her create so many amazing pieces of art. I’ve also spoken with her in depth about mental health before, and you can see how mental health experiences reflect on her performances n different areas of art.

These two pieces primarily focus on split personalities.

A lot of Molly’s art has a lot of thought put into it and there is a strong focus in mental health when she is creating. Her art in the past has homed in on OCD, personality disorders and eating disorders. Molly recently finished studying at art college, doing a foundation year, and wants to go into freelance portraiture.

SOme of her art is available to buy on depop, and if you had any more questions for her about her work, certain pieces or creating for yourself, insatgram would be the best place to get in contact with her.

Recovery insta-piration

Below, I have listed my favourite recovery themed instagram accounts. There is so many words I could say about all of them, but I think on this one i’ll let you explore these wonderful accounts and the people behind them yourself!









I also urge you to refer to my past post (link) as these guys also inspire me on the daily but I didn’t want to just repeat myself.

*Don’t worry, I don’t have instability as such. I just have no true/not your average level stability. I have a lot of holiday booked for March and April, meaning less money for regular things due to savings, whilst I’m getting paid a little less over the month due to receiving basic contractual pay from being away! After rent, money on necessities is a lot tighter so I can’t so much afford something that may be described as a luxury. However, as soon as I can afford it I will be getting it because I know it’s so important to support artists, whether it’s their full time job or not, and I have been in true financial shreds in the past (coming from a working class, on the poverty line family and also becoming homeless at 18 with only a weekend job and in full time education). Also, they look so amazing and I need that kind of self care in my life. I felt it necessary to put this disclaimer due to the above as I’m so lucky to have a full time job (that’s also supportive of chronic and I mental illness and sickness re: such) and now also be able to live on my own with a decent rent amount. DISCLAIMER 2: Even though I’m currently squatting in family houses, since I’ve been really unwell and am not allowed to be alone out of hospital for a bit.

Sooo… I hope this can reflect as much positivity on you amazing people as my last post did. The internet an be such a toxic place sometimes so surrounding yourself with good people and being positive activists, especially on weeks like this week, is so important.

Love always,


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