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Tattoo Talks: I’M TATTED (01×01: My Tattoos)

It’s Tuesday, and here on Stories Can Make Us Fly, I’m bringing you my first of a seven part series of posts called ‘Tattoo Talks’. This series will incorporate everything from keeping it cruelty free with tattoos and aftercare, the process, my artists experiences and much more.

But, today, on this fine Tuesday afternoon, I’m here to tell you one main thing…


The way I’ve found it best to describe getting tatted is ‘zero to hero’ (not a Hercules reference at all…. what?). I woke up on Friday morning and my body was a clear canvas. When I awoke on Saturday morning, the lovely Steff Lapsley had created three beautiful pieces of art on my body.

Steff’s work can be found on her personal Instagram, here:

Or her studio’s, here:

I definitely will expand on why I chose to get the three at once, especially having never had any before, later on in the series but my post today is on my tattoos.

What did I get, and what do they mean?

#1- A primrose on my left ankle.

I share the year of my birth with the year of my Granddad’s death, sadly. This year would therefore be the 20th anniversary of his death and though we’re yet to reach that date, Sunday (March 11th) would have been his 80th birthday! As I’m spiritual, I genuinely believe that a part of my granddad’s soul is within me. Everyone in the family has commented repeatedly over the years about our similar traits, and I have always felt a connection within him despite his passing. Therefore, I believe we are spiritually connected (further evidence of this is my birthday being 3/11 and his being 11/3, and if you know me you know how important numbers are to me and my OCD* so it makes sense).

My Granddad’s middle name was Primrose.

The date I got my tattoo was March 9th, two days before his birthday, as a special sort of rememberance tattoo, and the tattoo I got was a primrose.

On Monday last week, Steff sent me this beautiful design. I was so over the moon with it I cried.
And here’s what it looked like on my body:

#2- Bee Kind on my right thigh.

Unlike my primrose, this was not designed personally for me. Steff posted on Anvil’s Facebook Page that they were having a flash sale on Steff’s pre-drawn designs until March 31st. Having seen some of her beautiful pre-drawn work debuted on her Instagram, and having fallen in love with them, I wanted to see if any were in said offer, or if I liked any of the others (I love all of her work, but I mean on my body). Bee Kind was the one I fell in love with instantly, so I was both shocked and very happy when it turned out she had it still. I couldn’t not snatch it up, could I?!

Everyone who’s since seen it has said it was basically made for me and they’d stretch as far as being offended if someone else ended up with it!

This tattoo was something that truly did speak to me. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love bees, and what a positive symbol they are to me. This has helped me through many, many mental health problems and I can’t put into words how beautiful I believe these fuzzy insects are. The tattoo was a general statement to people to be kind in this god-awful world and to myself. The message of the tattoo was reaching out to myself to be kind to myself. In this rational mindset, I can tell you that I’m not at all kind enough to myself. Now, knowing this rationally is not enough when the mental illness takes over, and maybe the tattoo won’t be either, but if at least one time I can love myself because of it, or look down and stop myself from self-destructing seeing the beautiful tattoo and message, it will have done it’s job (and I can confirm, it already has)

You can check out the beautiful designs in Steff’s sale here.

#3- Pride on the back of my neck.

This, too, was in Steff’s sale. Many a time I’ve considered adding a pride tattoo to the list of tattoos I want, but always been unsure or have ‘wimped’ at the idea, essentially.

When I saw the three triangle design, it really spoke to me. I loved it from the get-go, and I knew wimping this time would be the reason I needed it. I was scared. I feared of what others thought of me, the tattoo, who I love… and that’s what made me get it. The reason I needed this dear pride tattoo was because of that fear. I am proud of who I am, who I love. The backlash I’ve recieved so far has made me realise I needed it, for sure. Why should I let homophobia get the better of me. Screw everyone else, I’m PROUD.

Here is the final result, and I feel so good about it.

The self love and support from my friends has well overridden the hatred.

*Just a note that I do genuinely have diagnosed OCD and am not recklessly using the term as an invalidating adjective.

So, here is the first instalment of Tattoo talks. I’m so excited to talk about my brand new obsession with you guys on my blog, and ultimately, get new tattoos! If you have any tips or words about new tats, or mine in particular, feel free to get in touch.

Each of the seven instalments of ‘Tattoo talks’ will appear on the blog on a Tuesday evening, with the exception of Tues 20th March when the post will go live on Thursday 22nd due to prior commitments with a brand.

Love always,

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