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Cotton Bag Co- The Selfie Bag

Are you ready to take on the world? And by that, I mean take social media by storm?

If your answer to either or both of those questions is yes, I might have a product suited for you… The Selfie Bag by The Cotton Bag Co

Who are The Cotton Bag Co?

The Cotton Bag Co are a fantastic eco-friendly bag making company. The company design Cotton bags, canvas bags and kits bags perfect for daily life, or keeping your shopping in. As long as you’re not going about with plastic bags, their mission is complete. The main focus the company has is environmental. We all know the damage plastic has on our earth, and if you’ve read my blog before you know I have a strong environmental focus and am minimal waste, so this company was a match made in heaven for me.

The Cotton Bag co can create custom cotton bag designs, and are one of the UK’s biggest reusable bag suppliers. Commonly, you may have seen their work with Schuh…

The company have also supplied bags for the likes of M&S, Glamour Magazine, and many more.

The Selfie bag

Whether you’re a blogger like myself, or just love capturing moments in daily life, I think I’ve found your match.

The Selfie bag is fabulous for travel, for daily use, for a bit of self-loving and super convenient. Not only is it helping to save the planet being an ethically sourced cotton tote (a fab size to carry your own belonging and anything you pick up along the way!), but it’s fab for aspiring photographers.

The Selfie bag comes in two fabulous designs; black and gold (as pictured with another influencer below) and pink and orange, which I have!

Now, I love bright colours, so of course, the pink and orange was perfect for me! It suited my bright wardrobe and room, my red hair (well, I’m ginger but it’s a rather dark and bright tone!) and generally, my whole aesthetic.

Aside from the bright colours I adore, I should probably mention the bag’s main function. It’s called ‘The Selfie Bag’, so I guess that lends a few clues…

This bag is perfect for taking photographs!

Included in the bag are handy, perfectly sized safe pockets to fit your mobile phone, Selfie stick, a reflective sheet, and a guide gifted to you by The Cotton Bag Co!

The reflective sheet is perfect for capturing your look in perfect lighting, even if nature won’t lend it’s services to you.

I tried it in my room (which has awful Selfie lighting, quite frankly) and it made a world of difference. You feel like you’ve found the perfect spot to capture a look you’re digging, and I love that. There’s nothing worse than when your heart is bursting with confidence and self love for your look, today, and the lighting just won’t let you capture the moment*.

*May I add, life isn’t about capturing the moment always, but I know when I capture a selfie in a moment of confidence, I sure do feel that confidence much longer.

A guide?

Yup, a guide! This guide is a little book written by the team on lightweight paper, fitting perfectly into a tailor made pocket. This guide is a mini handbook on all things photography, filtering and more!

The book includes tips from the queen of selfies herself, Kim K, and many successful bloggers from different niches.

As a blogger myself, I found this super helpful. Since my main niche is lifestyle but I embody every corner of the blogging world, sometimes my instagram makes me feel unnecessarily insecure, so this boosted me to no end!

How cute is this little book?! If you try and tell me it doesn’t feed the aesthetic, I will have to disagree.

I feel like this bag is going to be perfect for travel! I’m jetting off to Budapest this week and will need a big bag to carry my camera and all the travel essentials, and the same for my trip to Paris not two weeks later!

I can’t wait to be sharing many a post with you guys featuring this lovely bag.

If you’re interested in buying one for yourself, it retails at £9.99 and is available to buy here.

I hope you enjoy your bag as much as I love mine!

Love always,

*Please note that this product was gifted to me by Varn PR and The Cotton Bag Co in exchange for a review and social media promotion. However, all views are my own.*

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