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glitter-room-tour: Katherine Ryan’s live comedy tour (REVIEW)

I have always been a fan of comedians, but I particularly fell into re-runs in my teen years.

I remember, as a kid I would watch ‘Mock The Week’ over my dad’s shoulder when I probably should have been in bed, or laugh at the jokes I could hear from my room, and I loved it.

As I went into my teens, oh troubled teens, comedy is something that increasingly came into my schedule. Unlike many of my friends at the time, I wasn’t a huge fan of American sitcoms, and stand up was my gig- something many of my friends have now happily been converted to.

Anyway, my point is, age 15/16 when depression was in it’s height… what was it I relied on? Truly, comedy. Arguably, at points it kept me alive.

One of those comedians I would sink into the sofa watching her work for hours goes by the name of Katherine Ryan, and for years, I have adore this lady.

For years, I tried to get tickets to see her live- be it on tour or blagging my way to a recording of a show like 8 out of 10 cats- but never have been lucky enough, even as someone who now earns a fair income.

It’s fair to say Katherine’s shows have always sold out quickly, and as a result my luck has never given me a chance to see one of the women that inspires me most live.

Recently, that luck changed.

Happy Happenstances

I recently took a trip back up to Scotland, my home country, to stay with my dad’s side of the family who live there. It would have been my Grandad’s 80th Birthday so I wanted to be with my Grandma, to visit him, and we even had a memorial. Previous circumstances meant I was lucky enough to travel in first class from London to Glasgow, free of charge. We know my political views hardly align with capitalism in general but being a disabled woman, I definitely needed my extra room so did take advantage of my nice seats. Just as I settled, someone rather familiar walked into my carriage, the final carriage beside me. I knew her face immediately, being a huge fan, and sorting my stuff out, was a little starstruck. In my head I was debating all things- what’s right to do? Should I say hello? I don’t want to be a pain. My seat just so happened to be next to the door and luggage storage, so as Katherine shuffled past me I took my chance to say hello and how much I adored her. It was International Women’s Day, so no way could I miss the chance to speak to one of my queens. Before my anxiety got the better of me, I spoke to her. From then on, my journey was made.

Since the train hadn’t yet moved, I spoke to her by my seat for a few minutes and she was lovely. Such a genuine and caring person, I told her why I was heading back for the place I call home (in my heart) and where I was living (which was actually where her show the day after was!).

Katherine next mentioned she was doing a show in Glasgow, our intended destination. I knew this; I’d tried to get tickets; It was sold out. Gutted as I was, I knew there would be another time. I missed out, recently, on seeing another of my favourite comedians, Sara Pascoe, and suddenly the day before my birthday not only did I see her live, but had a chat with her about hetero/cisnormatism in science and history, no other than the day before my 19th birthday. When I found I couldn’t get tickets months earlier, and every time I checked up online in the run up, I was gutted but kept the ‘all things happen for a reason’ stance in mind.

After chatting to Katherine, she mentioned something, and something I would have never expected.

Katherine was travelling with her tour manager, and as she went back to her own seat, she asked if I could come along to the show. Her tour manager sent an email off to the theatre, asking to put the names ‘Lauren Curr + 1’ on the list and wow…. I was in total shock.

After years of loving this lady, I got to see her live and meet her in the same day. How insane?!

Grateful does not cover how I feel about the situation, and I feel so blessed to have been treated so well by someone I frequently look up to.

Anyway, now I’ve told you this, something that makes me very happy, onto the show!

Glitter Room Tour

Have you seen Katherine perform before, live or on TV? Have you heard her complaints about mums on the school run?

Katherine’s comedy can be controversial, but this outspoken humour wraps up all things liberal by smacking it in the face. Everything Katherine jokes about is comedy of the relatable sort, but frequently things no one can quite put into words… apart from the legendary Katherine Ryan.

We all know a Brian.

I think one of my unexpected highlights was the segment on Musical Theatre. The huge thespian I am was way too excited for Katherine to burst into Hamilton’s ‘Say No To This’ and couldn’t help but almost cry when she told her story about watching the hit musical. I shan’t spoil it any more for you, but I laughed beyond belief.

This week marks the end of the Glitter Room Tour and on that note, I urge anyone to go and see her final shows in Westcliff and Ipswich. She is totally sold out, however Watford, my local theatre, released tickets spare days before. Keep an eye out here over the next few days!

If you have never experienced Katherine’s incredible comedy, I urge you to look her up. She currently hosts the incredible Your Face or Mine with Jimmy Carr on Comedy Central. But any live comedy or re-runs of 8 out of 10 cats to name one show of many would show the huge talent she possesses.

I hope you are able to see a performance or two of hers and get so involved with this queen as I am!

Love always,

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