Glasgow Fort LUSH: A glam new exclusives packed store…

In a land far, far away from the dark town that is Watford, a brand new Lush shop opened… Glasgow Fort.

I’ll have you guys know, though, that I’m only kidding about Watford being a dark town (Lush, my friends, and the proximity to London and the land of theatre are the only good things about it now, but it’s on the rise due to constructions by Intu), and Glasgow being far far away, but being born Glaswegian myself, my home town Paisley (on the outskirts) is far too long gone from my typical London living quarters for my liking.

Back I’ve been to Paisley, for a past week, to visit family in honour of my late granddad’s birthday and I knew something grand was too close for me to miss; Glasgow Fort.

I’d never actually heard of the Fort shopping centre before, and as you can probably guess, never visited it. I’ve visited Braehead many a time, and lovely as it was, I admit I wanted a change. It’s the same old centre as always, and at an Intu, too (like my workplace). The Fort was totally different.

An enclosed semi-circle of shops, but open plan. Each individual shop was in it’s own inside unit, but the centre as a whole was an outside unit… which made for a different experience. We initially planned to visit on Saturday, when it was pouring it down, but called off an unfamiliar trip to stay safe until another day…. and it was a just as well or we’d have surely not had a pleasant experience.

Luckily, though a wee bit cold, the weather the day we chose to go was beautiful, so made for a perfect wander around the centre, and I’d most certainly do it again!

Where is Glasgow Fort shopping centre?

The Fort is a large shopping complex just outside of the city (not dissimilar to the placing of Intu Braehead). It’s at Junction 10on the M8, so an easy trip if you’re driving. It’s also accessible via bus and train. I admit, my outbound and return journeys were different as we didn’t realise the hassle we could have saved on the way there.

On the way, we took a train from Glasgow Queen’s St (lower level) to Easter House- it’s the Edinburgh train, FYI. When we got to Easter House, there was a short walk… which turned out to be 40 minutes. Since I have an ankle 5 times dislocated in the past 3 1/2 months alone, and suffer from general chronic pain, and my dad suffers from arthritis which has flared up recently, we realised this would be near impossible, so after a few mere minutes found a bus stop which took us straight there. We hopped on and it took us to the fort…. only to discover the bus had actually come from central Glasgow! This ensured we knew to get a bus back for ease, especially since it pulled into Buchanan St, outside the Central Station, instead of making us walk from Queen’s St to central. When we got there, we realised there were many more buses from the Fort to Central, including one that hopped on the motorway for a speedy journey! I would definitely say your best travelling bet is a bus.

What’s so exciting about the centre?

As I mentioned before, it’s an outside centre enclosed by the semi-circle shaped architecture. The building’s arrangements made it seem so clean, safe and welcoming. It was very modern and I so loved it. As a result of the outside curve and daylight, it was also very easy to navigate… you could look up and find whichever shop or restuarant you were after… and heck… it had a vast, vast array.

The main reason I went… Lush.

As I before mentioned, my reason for going to The Fort was because, a few weeks ago, a brand new LUSH shop opened. Opening only a week after the LOVE Summit, the shop was lucky enough to open with exclusive Summit products. I caught on their Instagram page a few days before I was due to go that they, almost a month later, were still receiving Summit products, thanks to connections with Oxford Street, LUSH’s flagship store (three whole floors of cruelty free cosmetics!)

The Summit Products The Fort still had recently are as listed below:

  • Tiger Tiger Burning Bright Bath Bomb
  • Trident Submarine Bath Bomb
  • Fox Bath Bomb
  • Inner Truth Bath Melt
  • I Wish For World Peace Re-usable Bubble Bar
  • SOS Sumatra Shampoo Bar
  • Desert Date Body Scrub
  • Hand Of Friendship Soap
  • Almond Kisses Shower Oil
  • Cool Beans Shower Oil

Excitingly, they also had the full range of Bath Oils, and are the only shop in Scotland aside Buchanan Street to have the bath oil wheel, and the layout was beautiful!

It was open, and easy to find everything but exciting.

The walls were decorated with flowers and many an ingredient displayed in minimalist jars.

Their skincare and perfume units are also outstanding.

I also think it is more than worth mentioning that my beautiful friend Fiona, who I met at the Lush Summit, works there… which is a pretty good reason to visit, too!

I had the best time visiting fort, and the greet I got from staff was top notch.

I’m so glad I managed to get my hands on a few Summit Exclusives I regretted not getting (Inner Truth, to name one), and see this amazing new store and shopping complex.

I hope you get a chance to visit the fort, be it the place or just Lush Store.

Love always,

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