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Happy Earth Day: Basic tips for saving the planet

Today is Earth day, and how could I not give you a post on all things environmental with some tips and tricks.

One of my main focuses on this blog is the environment/sustainable living and veganism, both of which highly impact our earth.

If you’re trying to cut down on your plastic usage completely or just be a little more eco-friendly in daily life, here are the basics of how you can save the planet.

Disclaimer: I would like to address accessibility and the fact that not all of these ideas are fully accessible for many reasons. Although I, myself, am minimal waste, being disabled myself ensures I am very much aware of the multiple restrictions this puts on people. All things considered, every little thing helps but understandably there are some mitigating circumstances and you do need to look after yourself.

  1. Re-usable drinking bottle. Buying a drinking bottle is something many of us now do, rather than pre-bottled water which is totally unsustainable and also fairly dear when totalled up, but what drinking bottle is best? Although buying a re-usable plastic bottle is still a step in the right direction, plastic takes so long to decompose it adds yet another bottle to our epidemic. Your best bet is buying something made from stainless steel, such as a Chilly’s Bottle. Chilly’s are made from stainless steel, inline with your typical flask. It’s designed to keep things both hot and cold for up to a whole 24 hours! My own bottle is actually a Hamilton: An American Musical not dissimilar to this one. Mine is actually black with gold as the design and was purchased at the Victoria Palace Theatre (Hamilton London). Though I paid £30 for mine, and Chilly’s retail at around £25- a similar price to what you’ll find in shops like John Lewis– Flying Tiger, Copenhagen (one of my favourite ever shops) sell them for £8 in a range of colours that are the cutest, especially for springtime! They also sell are-usable glass ones if you’re not about that stainless steel life. The bottles of a stainless steel variety are suitable for both hot and cold drinks, so can be used for your morning coffee or water.
  2. I mentioned coffee. Some people may have two bottles of this sort, or use the same one for both, but I need a constant supply of both coffee and water, and have only one bottle. My solution? The Keep Cup. Coffee cups are such an awful area when it comes to recycling. It’s so, so difficult, but using a re-usable cup or flask is a step in the right direction. Not only that, but it’s a perk for your bank account too- many shops have discounts (usually 25p) for bringing a cup with you. My favourite is Pret A Manger, since they’re so lovely and serve great, and ethical food and coffee. With my keep cup, it costs just 50p (a 50p discount!!!) to get a filter coffee with coconut milk. This means my morning coffee is sustainable for the Earth and my bank account.
  3. In the first point, I also noted water; a great way to help our dear Earth is by drinking tap water! Filling your bottle at home and when you’re out and about saves water from production, and plastic, of course! In the UK we have a great app called Refill, which tells you the closest refill station, with quality ratings, and earns you points every time you fill! Every Lush Store takes part in Refill, so head down to your favourite cosmetics shop and hydrate yourself!
  4. Remember to turn off your lights when you go out! Most people are aware of this tip, but it’s a good one as basic as can be. Switching to electricity saving bulbs and installing solar panels (be it for your whole house or even using solar-powered portable chargers for your mobile phone).
  5. Bringing a re-usable bag. Bring. A. Re-usable. Bag. No more needs to be said, just bring a heckin’ canvas bag shopping with you!

Now, this post is very back to basics. You know why? I still see people ignoring these basic ways to save the planet, and I still see it daily. You’d think things like the plastic bag charge would be enough, but it isn’t and that upsets me.

I am vegan and I am minimal waste. I am these things for myself, I am these things for the animals, I am these things for our goddamn beautiful earth.

I’ll be properly posting a few more tips in the next few weeks, in fact, but I had to honour today with something.

I really hope you guys can honour these basic tips and love the Earth as much as I do, and I can’t wait to share some other tips with you soon.

Love always,

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