Laura Zabo: Fashion, Sustainability and new innovations in the fashion industry

As Fashion Revolution week comes to a close, I ask you this once more:

Who made your clothes?

I can tell you who made mine; Laura Zabo.

It was not long ago I found an extraordinary woman running an extraordinary business on social networking site twitter and soon we became in contact. I cannot stress enough how lucky I feel to have been sent some of her products, complimentary, to try out.

I think Laura Zabo is the epitome of sustainable fashion. Her products embody the nature of slow fashion and don’t just encapsulate human ethics, but environmental and animal, too. As a vegan who lives their life cruelty free and plant based, I was more than excited to come across this brand. I’m all for minimal waste and will cause a fuss if I see you incorrectly recycling,

Laura’s Mission

Laura ZABO is a Peta Approved Vegan brand. Accessories are 100% Vegan and upcycled with the aim to reduce waste.”Scrap tyres are becoming a huge problem to our planet.”Environmentalists are quick to talk about plastic wastage, and though it is indeed a huge issue, there are many things we forget about- Tyres being one of them. Imagine the amount of cars people own, and waste, in this modern society- and what happens to the spare parts? Tyres are so ‘replaceable’ and many people don’t think of them in the same way as plastic but truly, they take generations to breakdown.Another growing concern is the current and historical use of leather. People know leather for it’s strength and what they see as reliability. Many people have grown up around leather belts, shoes and bags and the strength of the material means people trust it to last a long time. There’s no question in it that it is unethical and doesn’t align with the lifestyle of vegans and vegetarians. So what’s the solution? Upcycling.

ZABO also have a wonderful scheme in which, if you have bought a product with them in the past and no longer use it, you can send it back and receive a discount on your next purchase, and te product will be up-cycled into other ZABO products.

ZABO products

ZABO send me a belt for myself and two collars for my little dogs. It made me so happy to know I could practice my ethics whilst looking after my dogs as as well as lead a sustainable lifestyle for myself.

Just a few days into wearing Laura Zabo’s belt made from recycled tyres I knew this was the fix. Not buying leather materials myself, I have gone through many a belt quickly and played make do trying to fix them. I’ve now been wearing ZABO’s tyre based belt for over a month and pristine condition does not fulfil the word I am looking for the express how impressed I am with the belt. I have never had a belt so strong , and it still looks brand new. The belt is fabulous because I can never find one I can stick to for while, and hate the concept of wasting ‘fast fashion’- an unethical business in itself- and creating more waste, but this is for the long run.

This is the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Now, onto the gift for my favourite fluffy ones.

Laura ZABO was kind enough to send me not one, but infact two collars for my best friends. I feel so lucky to have been able to gift them with these collars, and the knowledge they wouldn’t break so soon.Collars can be an expensive upkeep, so if you don’t fork out on something strong (usually leather, which many people including myself do not ant to buy), you end up buying many-a cheap collar; cheap in price and quality. Firstly, when burying cheap collars, it’s easy to forget that, actually, these were made cheaply which potentially promote unethical labour. Things like this are often forgotten about in the talk of fast and slow fashion. Today, I can tell you who made my dog’s collar.

ZABO collars make happy doggos.

ZABO Campaign

Laura Zabo runs a crowdfunding campaign that you can check out here!


Today, my aim is to encourage you to be more conscious. I urge you to be recycle, I urge you to upcycle, and I urge you to buy things made from more sustainable materials and in the slow fashion industry.

I do hope you love ZABO’s work as much as I do: laurazabo.com

Love always,

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