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Iceland are giving us No Bull: An alternative you’ll love

Iceland are giving us No Bull when it comes to meat-free alternatives… whether you’re a meat eater and looking to reduce your consumption, or a fully fledged vegan, I promise you, these burgers are something you’ll want to try.


My dad bought me a pack of ‘No Bull’ burgers at the beginning of the week, which just so happened to be the day after myself and my vegan pals had a little fangirl session over the mere concept.

When he walked through the door with them, I could not hide my excitement and quite honestly just wanted to skip to dinner time so I can enjoy them.

The main ingredient in the burger is soya protein, with beetroot to make it red and conceptually bleed (minus the real animal death and cruelty), and paprika for taste. Now, I’m no soya fan if i’m honest, so when I found out they were made of soy, my festering excitement felt let down.

Disclaimer: I  am not a soya free vegan though environmentally I do not agree with it, so as a result of disliking the taste and how it makes me feel, I avoid consumption when possible. As I am allergic to tomato, a vegan staple, and suffer with an eating disorder, it would be unsafe to cut it out totally.

But… I was nicely surprised. I tried to put the ‘it’s soy’ mindset to the back of my mind so I didn’t judge it with a placebo of dislike in my head, and to be honest I did forget.

No Bull Burgers did not taste of conventional ‘soya’ meat, in taste or texture.

No Bull Burgers tasted like real, meat burgers.

img_1333Shocked, I frantically triple checked the packet. Never have I ever tasted a vegan burger so amazing, which such a ‘meaty’ taste and consistency, and genuinely fallen in love with it.

Since I was lucky enough to have brought this gem into work for Tuesday’s lunch break, on a crusty cob with some vegan ‘cheddar’ and munched on it for the whole hour, truly savouring every bite. At work, i’m surrounded by vegans, and other people who are reducing their meat and dairy intake; I became vegan after beginning working here and my good pals helped me make the transition. So, I had to taste test it on a meat eater.

My good friend Siobhan has drastically reduced her meat intake in the time I’ve known her, which makes me feel so happy and proud, but as a meat eater- since I haven’t consumed any in several months- I can only compare from memory.

If you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have questioned that it wasn’t meat. I wouldn’t have known the difference.

I do feel that Siobhan’s reaction to the food says something. She always makes faces whilst fully analyzing food I get her to try so she know if it’s ‘like the real deal’, so I had a moment of fear that it wasn’t as good as I made it out to be or she had another opinion, but that was not the case. She loved it.

I don’t want to eat food that tastes like meat because it tastes like meat. I just want to try something new and these fulfill the same kind of gap that meat eaters would typically fill with chicken, pork, or other meats (from laziness or habit). I want new tastes, new flavor quenching combinations, and burgers are such a lovely tasting thing… especially without the cruelty.

If you eat meat or not, I strongly urge you to try these burgers. I’m giving you No Bull in saying how much I love them, and they’ll definitely be my dinner again. If you fancy a burger, why not try these to cut down your meat consumption, and realise this….

Vegan food tastes good.

Vegan food feels good.

Vegan food is healthy for my soul, and my mind.

The best decision I made was going vegan and as much as I loved this ‘meat tasting’ burger, I loved it for it’s own taste. Heck, I don’t miss meat but I do love these meaty burgers. I loved the taste, and more so the knowledge they were not made with cruelty.

So, get your chops round these burgers. At only £2, £1 per burger, these are cheaper than meat so luckily pretty accessible!

Iceland is a pretty good place to shop as a vegan, and their recent releases have been banging so it’d be a good bet to hop down and try their vegan inventions yourself. I darn well hope they keep releasing meat and dairy free alternatives to keep my taste buds at work and make veganism more accessible.

Love always,


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