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The Haute-st Spot in Watford

Upon my return from Paris the UK saw some darn good weather, so I certainly could not complain about not being on holiday on that front. Of course, good weather is a fair motive for leaving the house on a day off (if you can), so my first Friday back I went for a roam around town… if i’m honest, to try and find some supportive new boots from a charity shop (which I did).

Watford High Street is a long, long road. Essentially, it takes you from Watford High Street to the Junction station, of which the main part of town is on the lower end. If it wasn’t for the placement of my living, I doubt I’d be up at the top end of town much, so it’s just luck I stumbled upon a wonderful business’ opening at the end of April.

The Haute Spot, 94 The Parade WD17 1AW Watford, United Kingdom

Haute Spot is an independent business (that does wish to expand), and is quite honestly perfect for all of your needs. Upon walking past the business to pop into a charity shop, I was offered a ‘first 100 customers get a free coffee’ leaflet, and what will entice me any more than coffee? I honestly, from the outside, did not know what the shop sold (being in a dazed state as always), so I’m just glad this got me in.

What is the Haute Spot?

The Haute Spot, pronounced hot spot, is the perfect on-the-go shop for all commuters (being on-journey to the station) or those walking to town or offices to begin their day at work.

Open 7am-7pm most days, but 7am-10pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, it is perfect to pop into on the way to work. When I start at 8.30 it can be a struggle picking up something if you’re peckish and unprepared, but no longer.

I was trying to verbalise the best thing about the Haute Spot but there are so many wonderful things that attraction on a daily basis.

  • The Haute Spot sells fruit at a cost of merely 15p. This is so much more enticing when on-the-go and unable to go to a supermarket than your average 70p+ apple in a popular coffee chain or drugstore. I’ve found myself picking up an apple, banana and orange daily, with only 45p  leaving my pocket. This is so energizing for me and truly has kicked me into eating more fresh fruit, and daily.img_0781
  • The Haute Spot sells freshly baked bread, pastries, and more daily, as well as your usual newsagent good from pot noodles to birthday cards. I can vouch for how incredible their fresh baked bread is. I have found myself grabbing a multi-seed roll on many mornings with my fruit… it is very much fresh out of the oven and tastes too heavenly to adequately put into words.
  • The Haute Spot also sells fresh hot food, with vegan options. I am yet to try their vegan chilli hotpot but their hot, fresh meals do challenge places like Pret A Manger (who I also love) when it comes to hot pots etc. They also sell handmade sausage rolls and hotdogs etc for anyone who does eat meat.
  • As well as hot food, both carnivorous and vegan, they have a wide selection of sandwiches. Their range in fact stocks three vegan sandwiches, and rather than being your average veg sandwich, these are a little more exciting:
    – VLT; the vegan bacon, lettuce and tomato.
    -vegan ‘chicken’ and ‘chorizo’ style pieces sandwich
    -vegan ‘mozzarella’, pesto and tomato ciabatta.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t tried these due to my tomato allergy, but they look SO dreamy. I love my classic veg, but it is nice to find somewhere stocking an on the go vegan lunch that does have a meat or cheese alternative too. Let’s mix it up a little, pals.
  • Customer service. I work for Lush so maybe my expectations of customer service are higher than most, but I can say this truly fulfilled my high expectations. I was given such incredible service from outside the store, and better service inside by lovely members of staff.
  • Their coffee is incredible. A tradition of mine has always been my attendance of espresso bars in Paris. The coffee is not like you’d find in the UK, and always does me a world of good. I never expect French-style coffee here, but the Haute Spot exceeded my expectations and gave me just that. My entire being is so satisfied.
    Enjoying my espresso with a view of the Arc De Triomph down a side street of the Champs Elysse. DISCLAIMER: I usually wouldn’t sit with my espresso, but this day we were enjoying a cute sit down brunch.

I have now become a regular at the Haute Spot, tending to grab a double espresso in my keep cup and fruit. They have a coffee loyalty scheme which I now have a full stamp card of.

Every single thing (not just the fruit) in the shop is incredibly affordable. The coffee is cheap (and better tasting than expensive stuff, if i’m honest) and comes on a coffee and pastry deal for £2, too.

I couldn’t not share my love of this new business with the world, and if you’re Hertfordshire based, urge you to check it out! If not… well, keep your eyes peeled.

I hope you didn’t mind me keeping my post local today; I usually write more generically but couldn’t resist talking about my own on-the-rise town today.

Love always,


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