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Intuitive Eating – a response to Toxic Influences

“Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions.”

It’s taken me almost a day to truly process what I saw on Kim Kardashian’s insta story last night. I wasn’t shocked as such, but I felt extremely triggered and just couldn’t find the words.

Last night,

Kim Kardashian posted on her Instagram with over 100 million followers, an offer she was promoting for appetite suppressants by the flat tummy co. 

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page speaks to millions of people. Fan or not, people follow the Kardashian family’s life religiously and have done so (as TV show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ follows). I personally do not follow her, but after seeing the outcry, had a look on her page and seeing the post for a mere few seconds was triggering.

Millions of young girls are influenced by her, and there have been times she’s seemingly promoted body positivity, so I’ve heard. But it seems all for the diet agenda…

I find the mere concept of ‘appetite suppressants’ a load of rubbish. Surely, if you have an apetite… you should honour it. Food was made to feed our bodies with fuel, and the concept of hunger.. to satisfy the need for this fuel.

Look back to when you were a child; What is it babies do when they’re hungry? Even young children. Children, babies, know how hungry they are, and what they need to honour that hunger. So why has that changed.

Society. Social media. Perception. Perfectionism. Little Miss Critical.¹


So, What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is based around ten main points that work together to make three key principles.

The Ten Points Of Intuitive Eating².img_2050

  1. Reject the diet mentality.
  2. Honour your hunger.
  3. Make peace with food.
  4. Challenge the food police.
  5. Respect your fullness.
  6. Discover the satisfaction factor.
  7. Honour your feelings without food.
  8. Respect your body
  9. Exercise and feel the difference
  10. Honour your health with gentle nutrition

This encourages listening to your body when you need food, but also understanding when you don’t. Respecting your body’s boundaries and fullness ensures that binge eating doesn’t come as a result of emotions that don’t warrant food. This is a great principal for eating disorder recovery because it helps you learn how to eat enough, as well as not falling into other toxic eating habits. It also recommends gentle nutrition in the form of gentle exercise (if it is safe for you to exercise, it has many health benefits unrelated to body image, therefore is recommended) and awareness of food; though the general concept is not counting calories, carbs and all that jazz, it is somewhat important to know you’re getting your vitamins and minerals. Know your basics, but ensure you’re able to track your nutrients in a way that’s not obsessive or else this can still lead to a toxic mindset re: your relationship with food and body image.

“Keep your body biologically fed with adequate energy”²

What do you feel like you should eat? Fulfil that hunger.

The Hunger Scale

This image³ helps you to understand how to listen to your body. How do I know if i’m hungry? Am I hungry enough? These are questions I’ve found myself addressing whilst engaging in toxic behaviors around food in the past. I wish I had had this guide sooner.


Intuitive eating is not an art I can confidently say I’ve perfected. I am working towards intuitive eating, and it has helped me somewhat with my negative body image and food issues so far, so I am striving to eat intuitively and hope you can help your relationship in the same way.

The Intuitive Eating Workbook is available on amazon and I’ve only heard good things about it so am looking forward to receiving my copy, but free info on intuitive eating is available at

What are your thoughts on Intuitive Eating? Do you like the concept and think it will help your relationship with food and your body? Let me know!

Love always,



If you want to follow a truly influential account on Instagram, @I_Weigh, Run by Jameela Jamil is wonderful. It is a response to diet culture weighing up all the amazing features you possess rather than commenting on physical weight and such.

¹The term ‘Little Miss Critical’ is one coined from Helena Grace Donald’s Book ‘Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror’. A review of this wonderful workbook is available here, and can be bought here.

²These principals were extracted from the source of the Intuitive Eating concept.


Other general references:

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