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This post is dedicated to William Curr, a saint in life and death.

Today is a very important day.

For me, it’s a family day.

For others, a national.

I’m sure everyone’s having a good time with the royal wedding, and good on you if you are downing the champagne and snacking on cream cakes- I do know some royalists and remember the Street Party my misunderstanding self attended.

*Queue embarrassing photo of me at age 12 here* I’m kidding. I am not about sharing that with the world.

Now, I am not going to bring up the royal wedding generally, after this one comment, aside from when spiritually relevant (that will become clear later on), but I did just want to quickly express my outrage at the council, and the people in the days leading up  to today.

Homeless people were removed from the streets of Windsor to make room for people with homes to sleep on the streets. Why? It makes me so, so upset, and disappointed, especially since I used to live there myself. My heart is broken for these people who already face so much hardship.

So, above the royal wedding many have held so dear…

Why is today so important to me?

Today is the 20 year anniversary of my granddad’s passing.

Today is an emotional day for my family, especially since it’s also the granddad on my mother’s side has his birthday today, too.

But there are so many other connections within our family when it comes to spiritual significance.

The 3/11 Spirituality complex

Right, I made ‘The 3/11 Spirituality Complex’ up here and now, but it’s good to have a name for the ideas and concepts I’m talking about, right?

There are so many things that link and make sense when we think about the memory of my granddad, and the first has always been the generally believed and was potentially one of the aspects that initially had me believing in spirituality and beyond.

Here is something I’ve always believed in:

My Grandad was born on the 11th March, which is 11/03. I was born on the 3rd November, which is 03/11. This means the numbers 11 and 3 (my favourites, in fact) are significant to both of us when it comes to dates. I was born over a week early so we never expected it to be this date, or planned it. My grandad also passed in May ’98, around 6 months before I was born. I have never, in that sense, met him, however, I have always felt such a strong, indescribable yearning towards him. Saying that, I grew up the clone of him. I remember doing and saying things that automatically would gain the response ‘your Grandad used to do that’, or similar, because… Every little move mimicked my Grandad.
My father is not at all spiritual, but even he believes my Grandad was reborn as myself, and as he says ‘has come back to haunt him for being a little s*** in the form of me.’
I am so similar to my granddad and feel such a deep emotional and spiritual connection to him, so days like today are very, very important to me.

And these events all occurred today.

  • Today, we walked out of my Grandma’s living quarters and walked along the side 294e791e-c4f7-4e07-903e-aa4b8d74fbc3of the hill it’s built on. As we approach the end of the (very steep) hill, to go down the (less steep) lower part of it, my grandma points something out; Primroses.
    My Grandad’s middle name is Primrose, and that, as a flower has always held sentimental value to me. Check my ankle tattoo I got around his birthday this year, a primrose.
    In the 13 years my Grandmother has lived here, She has never seen Primroses on this hill.
    Today, we found Primroses.
  • Another thing I can’t fail to mention is magpies; I’ve always thought of single birds as bad luck, and saw three individual magpies today. It was weird though, because after seeing every bird, only good/warming things happened (touch wood for the rest of the day). I then looked back to the poem because I was, genuinely lost with the magpies. That was the moment I was reminded it’s  “One for sorrow”, not necessarily bad luck. Logically, this spirituality is the universe showing us sympathy.
  • Like I earlier connected the dates with birthdays of my Grandad and I, today a revelation hit us; There are more spooky number connections. A little backstory is needed for this, and without going into too much detail, my family have been working for the royal family for 35 years. My grandma did it, my granddad too, and my dad for many years, too. Today, Harry’s wedding to Meghan so happened to take place on his death anniversary. The day my Grandad began to work for the Palace just so happened to be the day Prince William was born. Although different Princes are in question, I think it’s fair to say the dates linking so well is spooky to say the least.
    When it comes to Royal links too, a very significant thing happened 7 years ago this weekend… whilst I was living in Windsor (there are many locations they could have chosen), and also, my granddad’s place of death was Kensington Palace (where my family were living in the late 90s), again, strengthening the Royal link. This somewhat also links those two events together, as the other event is relevant to my mother, and before the death of Princess Diana, my mother was used as a decoy for the Paparazzi due to looking similar to Diana, and being her neighbor. This is how they, many times, managed to get Diana out of the palace easily.

We all know i’m someone who is very spiritual anyway, so any little thing I find that makes spiritual sense… I’m onto it.

It all connects so well.

I know people who straight up shoot down any spiritual theories I have and preach, and chakras are just some meme, but spirituality is such an important part of my life and… all of these make so much sense to me, and are things I hold so dearly in my heart.

Are you spiritual, too? I thought I just couldn’t go through today without the discussion of spirituality.

I hope you enjoyed this more personal post.

Love always,


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