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Vegan treats on the high street: Greggs’ Belgian Buns

It was only a matter of weeks ago that, courtesy of my close friend Claire, who blogs over at Rainbows And Thunderstorms, I discovered a glorious fact… Greggs’ Belgian Buns are vegan.


Being a southerner, our primary high street bakery source is Greggs’, the only other real option for sweet treats being independent bakeries and if you’re lucky, a Wenzel’s here or there. Pound Bakery is not on our radar (and apparently they do vegan sausage rolls?!) which makes me sad.

Although it wasn’t a staple of my diet, I did pop in a few times before going vegan, especially when I started working as it was so convenient. Since being vegan, I’ve only ever really popped in if I’m after a pot of pineapple or such, since M&S prices are hardly the most appealing, and their fruit is certainly decent.

The info Claire shared with me was an ultimate game changer.

We were about to go for a picnic since the temperature was in the high 20s, and popped to Tesco after work. It was on our way out that Claire mentioned she thought she’d seen something about the Belgian buns being vegan… and once she researched it, was proven right!

The small Tesco store we popped into for snacks is right next to a Greggs, but as it was a Sunday we didn’t so much have hope it’d be open. It was when we were in Tesco, I remembered they did open later than 5 on a Sunday… I used to only work Sundays and wait for my friend, who worked at Greggs, to close. As soon as I’d paid for my snacks, I ran out to see if it was still open… and checked my phone for the time. 6.02pm. If we’d have realised and gone to Greggs first, we could have got our Belgian buns!

This longing for Belgian buns became a constant… which is weird, considering I can’t tell you a time I’ve ever craved Belgian buns before.

Of course, the day after, Bank Holiday Monday, I had to go out and buy myself a Belgian Bun. At a price of 85p, or 2 for 1.25, I picked Claire one up too, but changing circumstances meant she never actually ended up with the bun on that day.

On Thursday of last week, though, I turned up to work to find out the Claire had bought us each a Belgian bun; which was such a lovely surprise.

Something I love about the Belgian Buns from Greggs is their sticky nature. I know, it’s meant to be a sticky bun, but when you’re vegan, I have to say I’ve not really come across sticky buns.

Admittedly I have struggled to perfect vegan baking (aside from the amazing gingerbread I made with my friend Jadey before Christmas last year, and the pancakes Izzy and I make, nice and fluffy), so I can’t complain about the struggles it takes for a baker to make them; though, of course, I hope someday veganism will be the norm and people are used to baking with plant-based ingredients (and hey, the more vegan produce, the more accessible vegan produce will become!)

I love that finally, there is something vegan and widely accessible on the popular market. If you don’t plan your snack-urges in advanced, a slice of vegan cake (if you can even fond some) can cost a fair amount more than normal cake. That’s not to say veganism is inaccessible, but whilst it’s still a growing moral we are still inherently surrounded by produce with animal derivatives in them.

I’m so, so happy to be able to walk out of lunch if I’m in want of a sweet treat and pick up this goody for me and my vegan pals at a decent price.

I’m honestly so grateful Greggs have stuck to their original, vegan recipe; Prior to Christmas, the recipe was changed to include egg and milk in some places as a trial, but as the trial concluded they decided to return to the recipe attracting many-a-vegan.

So, if you’re a fan of iced buns with zesty fruit pieces and sweet sticky icing, head down to Greggs; whether you’re vegan, having a plant-based day, or just damn love Belgian buns, I urge you to support Greggs’ plant-based recipe.

I hope you enjoy your buns as much as I do,

Love always

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