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Waitin’ For You

It’s now been ten whole years since my Disney obsessed self got over excited about a new TV movie by the channel, but little did I know that soon, I’d obsess over the film, leading to character obsession, leading to a long time love of one person in particular; Demi Lovato.

Following my introduction to Demi in Camp Rock, I watched her in everything. I listened to every release as soon as I could. She was my (at the time, unknown) escape from the rough life and troubled mind I lived with. Soon, Demi spoke out about mental health and beyond, and as someone struggling with much the same, I found her a significant influence, active coping mechanism and generally, a strong inspiration to me. I can also pin my outgoing fashion sense- which I have always used as a means of expression and individuality- down to Demi… I was very influenced by the music video and lyrics to ‘La La Land’.

The main thing I’m trying to highlight, here, is that Demi Lovato has been so important to me for 10 whole years- throughout my late childhood and teen years, and now at age 19, she still very much is.

Why Bring This Up Now?

Well, on Tuesday… Something extraordinary is happening. After ten amazing years of following Demi’s life and work, I am finally seeing her live. FINALLY. This lady has quite honestly saved my life, so means incredibly indescribable amounts to me and of course other than that, I adore her music.

I can definitely say that it was worth the wait, because I feel so so wonderfully, deeply fulfilled; Especially since I’m seeing her with my best friends.

PS, do you now get the punny title?

Demi is also someone I’ve made some good friends through, so I can easily lead her back to significant changes in my life.

I’m actually going to be meeting one of my internet pals at the concert for a hug or two, and I hold her friendship and the inspiration she provides me with every day dear to me, so am more than excited for that!

For now, I’m not going to share my exact details on here, however I will say me and my friends will be attending the Birmingham concert; If we’re pals, mutuals, or you’re reading this and just want to say hi, I may be an anxious bean and struggle to start a conversation sometimes, but I promise, I am friendly and I won’t shut up when prompted onward.

I hope you guys all have the good fortune of being in the same space as your idol like I do.

Whilst you’re here, check out the pals I’m going to the concert with…

Claire- Rainbows and Thunderstorms (Beauty, Vegan, Chronic Illness, Mental Health)

Izzy- IH Photo (Photography)

If you’d like to read any of my other posts featuring Demi… here they are:

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Apologies for this short post about personal excitement- I won’t be quiet about it afterwards, so watch out.

Love always,

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