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Vegan treats on the High Street: Pret A Manger launches new cookie

It’s definitely fair to say that if there’s one thing I get excited about, it’s finding new vegan food. Accidental finds or large retailers purposely putting themselves onto the vegan market, I’m sure to do two things; want to try it; want to tell other people about it.

I visit Pret A Manger, an ethical food and drink provider known for their range that caters for people following all lifestyles and dietary requirements, almost daily. Most days, I just pop in with my keep cup for a fair trade filter coffee with a drop of coconut milk, which comes to only 49p when you make your good ol’ environmental contribution. Sometimes, especially after pay day, I’ll treat myself to another kind of coffee, and I admit, I do still frequent in the cafe for lunch a fair bit… Hey, it’s worth every penny!

So, I mentioned lifestyle and dietary requirements; I’m a vegan and I’m allergic to tomatoes so it’s fair to say I can be limited occasionally, but it is more than worth it for the animals, for the environment, for my own health… I am now significantly more aware of my nutrients than I was as a carnivore or even veggie.

Pret is one of those places with highly nutritious foods that have your taste buds exploring what one may not otherwise discover, so I love munching on tasteful plant based treats- bought, so conveniently, on my way to work.

Now, Pret have always offered up a broad range of sandwiches and drinks suitable for vegans, but I’ve always been a little sad about their one gap in the market; cakes and fresh bakes. They have a lovely little coconut bite and some crisps when it comes to snacking but I admit, I used to adore their chocolate croissants and cookies and seeing them every day makes my mouth water a little.

Why is this relevant now?

Well, Pret A Manger have changed the game with their brand new cookie, and may I emphasise, their brand new vegan cookie.The plant based glory we’ve all been waiting for is the ‘Dark Chocolate and Almond Butter’ cookie, retailing at £1.49… And do you know what? It’s the best cookie I have ever tasted.

I am admittedly not a huge chocolate person, and when I do like it (we all do sometimes), I can’t really handle it in large quantities. This has generally put me off picking up chocolate cookies and similar in the past, and I don’t think I would have actually discovered this if it wasn’t for being vegan and my newfound excitement around food as a result of veganism. The cookie Pret have delivered has really cracked the code for baking perfection. It’s crispy on the outside for a lovely crunch, but so incredibly gooey on the inside. I have never tasted something so divine. I believe that the use of almond butter in the cookie gives it the glorious texture, perfected to an extent I haven’t seen before. The nut pieces also give it an extra texture.

Needless to say (but I will anyway out of precaution), that if you suffer with a nut allergy, this one isn’t for you. I’m sorry about that. Having said that, a point to non-allergy sufferers… It doesn’t taste too nutty. I say this because my sister asked me about the cookie whilst we were grabbing lunch on Friday, and when I said ‘almond butter’ she immediately shut it down. If it’s the texture of nut butters you’re not fond of, I totally understand and will say this… stay away from it. But the actual nuts? I wouldn’t say it has a particularly nutty taste, although the ingredient does positively contribute to the cookie itself.

I probably would describe the cookie as indulgent, but the textures and flavours balance it out well so the indulgence doesn’t cross the border and become sickly.

It’s also worth mentioning that the cookies are always freshly baked, and when I’ve arrived first thing in the morning they’re still warm, so it just adds to the comforting nature of the bake.

I also can’t go on without mentioning what truly makes my day better. I am a regular in the Watford store, as mentioned earlier, and from day one… the staff were amazing. One of the things that made me become a regular was the impeccable service, and beyond that the way they began to treat me as someone they recognised, then as a customer on-the-daily has only gotten better. In no Pret shop ever would I complain about the quality of the service. However rubbish my day has been or about to be, the staff never fail to make my day drastically better, especially the store in Watford.

I hope this has introduced you to this wonder if you didn’t already know of it, or if you fix, tempted you to finally buy it! You should definitely buy it.

Love always,

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