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Borders – Poem by Lauren Curr

An original poem by Lauren Curr.



Can’t define us,

Don’t align us-

Let us be.

Who can say

What’s yours or not

On stolen



Love and humans hurt

It’s just life,

You see.

Why not,

For just one last day,

You let us

All be free.

We’re coming to the end of pride month and I realised I haven’t actually finished a poem in the whole of June. Though there’s no guarantee I’ll share them, I write an awful lot (even for therapeutic purposes) so not having one done, and on pride, was stumping me. I have stanzas and structures here and there that I love, but no set poem. 

I began to think about borders as a concept; We create so many social borders and divisions in society that are based on such loose energies. Whether those borders were about gender binaries, one’s virginity or much else- these frequently discussed as social constructs- we have so many borders in today’s world.

We like to consider ourselves as living in a world of progression but most days it feels like we’re getting no where, yet still allow these borders in place to create further divisions. Sometimes, groups bring us together (like the LGBT+ community) but that only works when we remove these rigid borders.

My main point of this epilogue is the discussion this raised in my head. Borders are a social construct, so why do we have so many in place… such as country borders? 

My mind could not forget the tragic events happening in Mexico at the moment when considering borders, nor the ever mentioned Brexit causing debate over border control and controversy in Ireland. These things fuelled me to a point of being unable to not think of these socially constructed ideas.

I went from social constructs and inherent heteronormativity, in my head, to country borders and realised- all that made me angry were these boxes others put us into and try to subsequently decide our rights- and that’s not right.

That is how ‘Borders’ was born. Considering immigration; LGBT+; parental freedoms; pressure we put on ourselves, to name a few of the issues. This poem has undertones of all these issues and I damn hope it makes us, as a society think.

“They will not control us. They will stop degrading us.” – Muse.

Love always,


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