In Bloom: A trip to Hertfordshire’s most beautiful location.

For the second year in a row, I went to the place that is arguably the most beautiful of locations in my county; Hitchin Lavender Farm.

Although last year I went to this beautiful floral retreat with my mother and sister, this year my friends Izzy and Claire accompanied me, and the day was just so incredibly beautiful. It was lovely weather (I guess that’s arguable now we’ve had the longest heat wave in eternity… I’m British, okay?) so the day was, all in all, very zen.

The farm itself is just outside Hitchin itself and goes by the name of Cadwell Farm, Ickleford. If you know the general north Hertfordshire area, it’s easy to reach providing you follow a trail to Hitchin or Luton, Bedfordshire even, and if not.. It’s easily accessible from Junction 10 of the A1.

Why is it so hyped up?

Well, it’s a Lavender Farm! If you love lavender, that aspect is pretty self explanatory, but regardless I shall expand.

First of all, Lavender growing truly is a sight. I cannot help but feel bliss looking at the bluey-purple tinged fields. That combined with the beautiful smell of the flower is truly the recipe for total serenity.

Scientifically, it has been proven that lavender has calming and balancing qualities, working both in the sense of physically doing so when in contact with skin (the story of the beginning of aromatherapy centres around this and is very interesting) and mentally. Alike neroli oil stimulating the production of serotonin in your brain- subsequently inducing happiness- lavender has a calming impact on those who trek near it. This is why things like Lush’s Sleepy Body Lotion sells so well for anxiety reduction and easing people to sleep.

I truly adore the scent of lavender and that is for sure more prominent when you’re trekking through the growing and freshly cut fields.

The Sunflower Fields

In Hitchin, behind the lavender fields there is also a sunflower field. This year, we went too early (early July) but last year, almost to the day I visited the beautiful sunflowers. I actually was on a train very recently and as I saw we passed Hitchin I took a look out the window, knowing next we’d go through Ickleford and I could, hopefully, see the beauties once more this year from afar.

I adore sunflowers and their uplifting qualities whether that refers to the colour or smell.

I’m going to now attach some of last year’s photos (as taken by my mother… so amateur for sure) because I can’t resist showing the grounds off once more;

A Plan and Purpose

Claire and I, as mentioned went to the fields with Izzy.

Claire runs the blog Rainbows And Thunderstorms with both an Instagram page and WordPress site. I am going to do a focus on her in another post, so look out for that, but give her pages a check out now.

I think it also goes without saying that I run a blog too… I’m here, aren’t I?

Izzy, however, is a photographer. Again, I will be doing a focus on the talents Izzy possesses soon, but for now check out her Instagram for things like fashion and wedding photography.

As a trio, aside from knowing we’d have a wonderfully wholesome afternoon, we decided to embark on a journey to the fields for a little photoshoot. There, me and Claire could have some lovely shots whilst Izzy used her skills to possess the magic.

Now, usually I’m awkward with photo shoots and I admit, I’m still not 100% happy with my own face or body but I am very happy with the photographs because Izzy is damn talented.

So, here I present you with a gallery of amazing shots of Claire and myself, as taken by Isabelle Herman.

Favourites of Claire

Favourites of myself

My favourite pictures of us both, together

By the way, If you’re here to tell us it looks like we’re getting married… we have already been told this (and I feel pretty blessed about the assumption I could date someone like this gal). Claire is a very happy, taken heterosexual and… okay I’m not either of those three things but we’re still not getting married or dating.

I totally adore the ones of us together if I’m honest so will soon to be happily sharing them all over social media.

Back when we visited, I also compiled a few clips from the day into a vlog; we know I’m an amateur at these but regardless, it’s a visual bonus:

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and get a chance to someday visit the fields yourself,

Love always,

NB: I apologise profusely for my absence on here, and a very hollow absence at that. The past month has been hard going and fast moving, also I have had very few spoons and a lot of anxiety. There’s been highlights, for sure, but I’ve barely been given a chance to breathe, never mind blog… A few operations down in that time and I think we’re making progress, but be mindful I’m still a fragile spoonie. I’m soon to introduce a series that I can share when I’m low on spoons, so keep your eyes peeled and hopefully, I’m back for good now.

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