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#CarryTheCup: Lush’s ethics beyond cosmetics.

On Tuesday 14th August Lush (the fresh, handmade cosmetics brand) launched campaign #CarryTheCup in their soho studio. This campaign is running for 4 weeks from this date, so is running until mid September.

Beyond cosmetics, there are habits we can break and simple changes we can make to reduce or remove single use plastics from our live.”

The company studios are located at number 67-71 Beak St, not far off Piccadilly or Oxford Circus, holding events both internally and externally from the company here and there. The studio’s front is usually an exhibition space, ranging from simplistic to complex in design. I’ve lucky witnessed both and even had a little pose in it before. Now, the space presents itself as a welcoming safe space fit to consume coffees with vegan dairy alternatives (provided by the studio’s usual supplier, London based eco plant milk brand, mylkman).

The #CarryTheCup campaign partners LUSH with Change Please, with the aim to reduce single use plastics. Studio manager Michael O’Brien said:

“Beyond cosmetics, there are habits we can break and simple changes we can make to reduce or remove single use plastics from our life.”

The Pop-Up

Lush’s cute little pop up Cafe is well promoted from the outside, so if you’re strolling through Carnaby, don’t tell me you’re not tempted…

The outside of the Carry The Cup pop up is decorated in yellow and black bold writing to advertise. This is located at 67-71 Beak St, Soho.

Since the campaign is to encourage people to carry their cup around, you can bring in any reusable cup to redeem your free coffee. It’s the reduction of plastic we’re aiming for here, so you’ve just got to take the step of taking out your cup every day.

Lush does, however, also sell some wonderful exclusive cups in the pop up, so no worries if you don’t have one yet!

These beautiful reusable cups are made each from 5 old plastic coffee cups that have been recycled, so the plastic in the cup is 100% not virgin! The cups themselves are beautiful (I adore yellow and this ‘theme’ produced by the recycling of the material so saying I love how they are aesthetically as well as environmentally would be an understatement). As well as both of these factors, I can quite honestly say that this is the best re-usable cup I’ve ever used. The cup is secure, which is amazing since too many

As evident from the stains, you can drink from all around the cup

reusables I’ve seen or used you can’t just pop in your bag half-full, since they’re open or where they closed they’re not (designed to be) secure. The lid on this lovely cup is a pop lid; When popped down, the cup is ‘open’ and you can drink from it, but popped upwards secures the cup from all spillages.

This means that finished or mid coffee, I can pop it back in my bag to drink as I please without the anxiety or risk of losing the drink to gravity and my own clumsiness.

Clumsiness aside, this is super convenient for me as a disabled person because when I use mobility aids, I’ve really struggled with keeping the necessary coffee on-the-go, but now? Problem solved.

The cup retails at £12 and can only be purchased from the Lush Studios Soho.

So, hop along for your free coffee and to support #CarryTheCup. If you’re not local, then I still urge you to support #CarryTheCup from afar. Most coffee shops now offer discounts to anyone bringing their own cup, which is an incentive in itself, but I also urge you to share the hashtag and your own cup on social media.

Please, please get behind this campaign by sharing this post, your re-usable cup and the #CarryTheCup campaign online.

Love always,






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