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Blogtober First: A re-introduction to Stories Can Make Us Fly!

For 3 years straight I’ve done Blogmas, and I loved being able to post every day, but… if you know me, you’ll know my season is autumn over winter, any day. So, this year, I’m taking Blogmas on a more suited whirl and choosing to partake in Blogtober, instead! I’ve also been fairly quiet so today seemed a fitting day to jump right back into blogging, ready for this season! I can’t wait to write some posts you’ll hopefully be able to read all cosy…And here’s to the first post!

The Re-Introduction tag

Right… there’s a chance you may have noticed my absence, and even in the few posts I’ve written, the lack of emotion and drive. But I’m back!

Life has been a little chaotic as of late, whether due to moving counties and turning my whole life on it’s side (not to say it was a negative shift, it has been fab) or my summer of ill health, I unfortunately haven’t quite been able to give blogging my all.

But I’m back.

What’s this post about, then?

Well, I’ve been in a Facebook group of ‘Hopefuls’ (fans of Carrie Hope Fletcher) since I was about 13. I used to use the group a fair bit, but the past few years, even, I’ve hardly been active at all. Recently, a post has been circulating on the group called ‘the re-introduction tag’, and I posted on the group for the first time in a while (though I have commented a few times in the past few months) with the intention to get back to it, celebrating life with my fellow hopefuls. This tag came about as a result of Carrie’s New Video introducing herself on her own channel. Anyway, I’ve wanted to get back into the blogging crowd for a while but not having posted drove me beyond crazy and the more I didn’t post, the more I panicked about not posting… basically, I’m a drama queen and needed to be pushed into the deep end or I’d have never started swimming.

The basics

I’m Lauren, I’m 19 years old and I currently live on the Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire border (complex, I know). I am of a Scottish heritage and London raised, living in Hertfordshire (on the North border of London) from the age of 3. The pronouns I go by are she/they and I am pansexual, identifying as queer both re: gender and sexuality (she pronouns are fine. I identify with them most of the time but do not identify 100% as a ciswoman. Gender is very fluid). I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses and mental health issues, many of which I feel blogging empowers me to embrace them. I have spent the past two years selling soap at Lush and still do now, but also now study. In 2015, I started to take A Levels in English Literature, History, Politics and Classical Civilisation, but by the time the 2017 examinations came round, I was too unwell to sit them. I have just returned to college in Hampshire, studying an Access to Humanities course with the aim of studying English Literature at university. I hope my passion will lead me on to being a teacher.

What makes your heart happy?

Oh, gosh. It’s autumn so I’m surrounded by warmth- as I said, it’s my favourite season. The colours yellow and orange. The song ‘She Keeps Me Warm’ by Mary Lambert. Pumpkin Spice lattes. And mostly, my incredible girlfriend, my safety and home.

What do you blog most about?

My blog, unhelpfully, is multi-niche but centred around a few key issues; It’s political; It discusses LGBT+ issues; It discusses disability; It’s about all things vegan and cruelty free; It’s about my love of literature… It’s got a bit of everything but am focused enough to keep people reading. Which is great, since I’d argue it’s a rather self centred blog! It’s crazy to think I started this page of internet rambles aimlessly a few years ago and here I am, pouring my heart and soul (or will be again when I’m back) into it, now.

I have a handy little guide at the top of my webpage so if you’re here for something specifically, click the tab and you’ll be directed straight through!

Why do you blog?

As I said before, I started off with a few rambles online about all and nothing, but I began slipping in some more serious bits- politics, say- and then started sharing that kind of content more frequently. When I realised that I felt empowered to write this and other people did actually want to read it, I just made it more frequent. As my life was also drastically changed by disability and mental health issues, I knew I wanted to speak out, but took my time. I found my voice and… not only did it feel good to know I’m maybe helping someone else, but was very self-empowering.

As a person, I’m very passionate about who and what I love, so I just let my passion- be that for LGBT+ rights or a piece of classic literature- take over me. I write as I feel and I feel as I write- no falsehood ever.

I love blogging, and the above is why I need to take breaks in life stresses and writers blocks; I can’t write when I’m not in the mood and wouldn’t like to try and fake it through. I want to keep my passion sparked and strong.

What Hogwarts house are you in?

Hufflepuff, of course!

What are your zodiac signs?

My sun and star signs are both Scorpio but I’m a moon in Aries. I think I’d definitely identify best with my moon sign as I’m quite a passionate person and very ‘intense’ emotionally, as moon in Aries tend to be. Scorpios tend to be portrayed as viscous and hot headed but I am waaaay too ‘soft’ and only over-emotional in the sense of the fact I can’t have half hearted feelings, they’re always ‘full in’ and I know what I want, so my emotions are addressed within love and sensitivity.

If you’re interested in spirituality, I can also tell you where the planets were upon my birth:

I could go on and feed you with more information but I want to save a little for the rest of the month.

I have some of the month planned already but also want to here your ideas… head over to my Instagram story to let me know what you want to see, specifically.

Love always,

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